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    France near Belleau Wood
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    US Marine Corps and AEF World War One. History and memorabilia. I'm an expert of AEF battles and Battlefields in France and owner of Belleau Wood Museum.I'm avid collector of USMC uniforms, equipments and artifacts WW1.
  1. Hello, I'm just coming back on the site after some months, the picture of that temporary cemetery looks to be the American Temporary Cemetery located near the town of Soissons along the road from Soissons to Paris near the village of Missy aux Bois. Many solidiers of the 1st Division were buried there and also from the 2nd Division. The 1st and 2nd Division fought there in July 1918 ( Franco American Counter Offensive 18th July ) the losses were very heavy for these two divisions. I do have some pitires of that temporary cemetery and few from July 1919, during the Memorial Day ceremony, w
  2. Hello from Belleau Wood area France, In order to complete the information given by Teufelhund.... James Irving Dodd is buried in the American Cemetery Aisne Marne located at Belleau in France, just on the north end of Belleau Wood, you can find it on the American Battle Comission web site : www.abmc.gov Now some more information : James was born on July, 1st, 1897 at Little Washington, PA, he lived in Akron, Ohio. He enlisted USMC on August 23, 1916, served on USS St Louis on April, 6, 1917, went to Philadelphia, PA on May 30, 1917, and went overseas with the 51st company, 5th Marine
  3. Hello again Andrew, Just to say that I can't find him in muster rolls of the 75th company or Hdq company, does dog tags have a serial number on the back ? Hellwood
  4. Hello Andrew, This small brass number is a company number in USMC, so the 122th company.( This company was not a part of the 4th Brigade USMC or replacement battalion USMC coming to France in WW1) These number were affixed under the emblem on the field hat, for the Marines who cam to France in WW1 sometime you can see these number on the side of the overseas cap, for those who were keeping them after getting the British or US helmet. I was looking for the name carved on your dog tags in the muster roll of WW1 Marines of the 4th Brigade USMC ( 2nd Division) There is a Ernest C Williams, w
  5. Hello Frankie... Ok, I'll try to do pictures tomorrow but most of them are battlefield relics.... Have a Good Day, Hellwood
  6. And when I think to all the stuff who stayed on the battlefield....... Hereunder is a picture from a wood near Belleau Wood, It is titled German equipment abandonned, but if you look close ( I don't know if I scanned enough quality to do it ....!!) But most of the stuff are US and probably USMC back pack, pack carrier, it is also a US raincoat, etc...and some german clothes and equipment...... I went to do research there, and found only hundred of buckles......some good russet shoes, and shoes model 1917, and mess kit, bayonets, buttons USMC, etc...It was already a long time ago...... Be
  7. Hello to all, A few time ago, I posted pictures from Belleau Wood museum manequin, and " Teufelhund retired " was asking me to put some close pictures of EGA, so since this topic is about USMC EGA, I put here pictures from Officer, and some interresting EGA I have in the museum, with some request for identification for Teufelhund since he is an expert in EGA and maybe some of you too.... Best to All from here Belleau Wood area...where it was very rainy today... Hellwood The one on my officer tunic french made, I added this onbe because originaly on the tunic it was only the l
  8. Hello everybody.... I was just looking for the USMC shovel cover that I have, it's looks to be the same as Frankie.....and mine is not inked USMC too or Phila Depot I think too that they are post WW1, but I can't affirm....and as I said you about the Marine Brigade in France, in a previous post, they were only provided a very little amount of trench tools and probably issued by army or engineers, if you look pictures from Marines in France, you can see that only a few of them have shovel or other trench tools fixed on the back pack..... Also , I found a very very few amount of them on th
  9. US Marine Belleau Wood USMC 1st Lieutenant Belleau Wood Hello Frankie, I was reading your post about making manequin of US Marine from Belleau Wood, I attach some pictures of mine from Belleau Wood Museum, maybe it will give you some idea to complete yours, I know that some equipment is very scarce and expensive to find now ( thinking about all web with USMC snaps). For you information, I can say that in Belleau Wood, most of the Marines were still wearing their forest green uniform, a few of them were already in army olive drab tunic, because when uniforms were burned
  10. THis one was dug close from Belleau Wood on the USMC battlefield This one was found in France "forgotten" by Marines in 1918 , it's the Disston model Marking of the Disston model, not exactly the same as on your machete, this one is WW1 made Hello from Belleau Wood area France , Greg I was just reading your post about Collins USMC # 1001, I just want to add that these machete ( or intrenching tools as they called them officialy) were also well used in France by the Marines of the 4th Brigade/2nd Division AEF; They used the both models made by Collins under #1001 an
  11. Few more again.......... 1st battalion 5th Regiment 5th Regiment regimental machine gun company ( 8th Mg Company) 3rd battalion 15th Field artillery
  12. Here a few more......Note the one on US Navy Corpsman attached to the 1st Bat. 5th Regiment USMC Lot of patches made in Germany never sewn on uniforms, 5th regiment USMC, Headquarter, 3rd Battalion, and 6th regiment supply company Nice forest green tunic from a Navy Corpsman attached to the 1st Bat 5th Regiment USMC 6th Machine Gun Battalion USMC note that this one was made with blue cloth background, I know some of them made as such Headquarter company 12th Field artillery with black velvelt background 23rd Infantry 1st battalion
  13. Hello to All from here Belleau Wood area France, Thanks for started this topic about USMC uniforms of WW1 and 2nd Division patches, I agree with Allan & Chris about these patches which look to be fakes, and I'm sure that they are ! I'm an avid collector of USMC WW1 and 2nd division since many years and have never seen such, or just they came a few years ago, and I've seen so many fakes on "ebay" USA. Yes, we need to advertise collectors about these fakes .......... I'll post here a few of my patches on forest green uniforms and 2nd division from my museum about Belleau Wood to give
  14. Thanks you Charlie for your response about this famous belt, my belt is dated 3-18 made by RH Long too, so I think that they were made at time to be on the Western front with AEF. Sorry for Artu ,and my friend Philippe, who were both bidding on that belt . I bought mine on ebay a few weeks ago for $ 200, but I knowed how it was scarce , and think that the price was correct. Now my interrest is mainly to know if it was used in France with the French or US Chauchat. As I said in my previous post, I have two french Chauchat automatic riffle in Belleau Wood museum, both were found in the area, a
  15. Hello to everyone from the other side of the pond, here at Belleau Wood area France, I bought recently a US Chauchat riflemen's belt, I know that it's scarce to find , but would like to know if someone has more informations about these belts. I saw it for the first time a long time ago in the book of Stephen Dorsey, then in the book " Honor bound" The Chauchat Machine riffle, by Gerard Demaison, and Yves Buffetaut, there are pictures from this belt from Richard Keller collection. I don't know if these belt were really used in France, by AEF with the Chauchat, I've never seen pictures fro
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