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  1. Time flies. I will try again to upload some photos ASAP.
  2. Well, I've tried, but I can't get my photos to upload!
  3. I will look for photos. I also have his AEF photo ID and all his wartime and post-war Air Corps Reserve orders and commendations. FYI: He logged 97 training flights in Farman, Farman Colombo 110, Caudron, Nieuport 18 and 23 Meter. His first trip from "Romo" to Colomby was in Oct 1918 in a DH-4 Liberty Motor. He was assigned to the American Commission to Negotiate Peace, War Damages in Allied Countries, Paris after the war. In March, 1919 he was transferred to Marseille and returned on the S/S Patria. Col. G.S. Patton, Jr., Tank Corps, was in command of the troops. He authorized servi
  4. My father, Ist Lt A.G. Johnson, trained at Foggia, Italy in 1918. He completed Military Aeronautics training at Ohio State University in October 1917. While at flight training in Italy, he qualified as a Brevetted pilot and was granted the right to wear the Italian wings on both sleeves. He was assigned to Romorantin, France as a ferry pilot. He continued in the Reserve into the early 1920s. I have a photo of him in uniform, US pilot wings on chest. The Italian wing tips show on the sleeves, but I don't have a close-up. His uniforms disappeared during the Depression years. I have his "
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