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    INVASION 1944 (Normandy and French Riviera) ETO - FREE FRENCH - RESISTANCE IN FRANCE
  1. Yes its seems a leather jacket, but not a military one ( as A2 jacket) I can't see any insigna.....very curious. Did he kept and you now ?
  2. Thanks very much ! A great piece of collection! Wonderful video HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU
  3. Very beautiful ! Could you take a close-up photo of the pathfinder patch (and reverse) Thanks
  4. Vraiment très intéressant ! Fabriqué quand ? jusqu'à quand ? Effectivement cela serait aussi intéressant de voir une veste (si elle a existé ?)
  5. Are they blackned ? photo colour is exact shade ?
  6. Can you tell what period it was used please ?
  7. Easy 502 thanks, but more détails please....Wrapped ? weight, lenght ? colour ? tell more!
  8. Many fakes are seen sold by American, Belgian French dealers or particulars since a long time. Who has original with exact weight, exact lenght? QM 1943 and 1946 show exactly these spécifications. I remember a Jeep trailor full of ropes in England before D Day without wrapping paper. As soon as I will find it in a book in my Library about WWII parachutists, I will show to you. Today all ropes I saw in wrapping paper with a splendid tag seem fakes for some reasons I will told later. Her are QM 1943 and QM 1946 text. Your opinion please.....
  9. teufelhund,Thanks and thanks to all, I knows it but the have only photos...exact ?
  10. Hi all ! Did you read it ? Does it give information about 101st Stick numbers and composition. ? Thanks all
  11. But PRATT MUSEUM gives no information on their site, has no e.mail and I suppose has only 82nd AB archives ? Exact ?
  12. Thanks folks ! I found no aid in French Forum D Day Overlord... I will ask Pratt museum Thanks again
  13. Where can I find Number and composition of Captain Knut H Raudstein stick on D DAY in Normandy. Knut was 506 PIR - 1st battalion - C company commander. Who can help or tell information where I can find. Thanks all!
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