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  1. Newly Approved Senior Enlisted Advisor Insignia https://www.defense.gov/explore/story/Article/2036313/militarys-top-enlisted-position-now-has-distinctive-rank-insignia/
  2. Gone, post can be removed. Cowboy12
  3. First one to pm gets it. Cowboy 12
  4. Picked this up the other day at the vendors mall, belive its a sweetheart piece but not sure. Thanks for looking, Cowboy12
  5. Thanks all for the comments. Cowboy12
  6. Here is the picture of the uniform display along with his medals. It is an older picture so I will have to get a new one when I go to her house. Cowboy12
  7. Thanks for all the comments, my Grandma his daughter has his replacement medals framed at her house minus the Purple Heart which they got later. I do not have his dog tags and I have never seen them, but thought about having a set made for the display. For the background I used an old Army laundry bag that you can pick up at most surplus stores and flea markets for a $1.00. She also framed his uniform which I'll have to post pictures of later. Cowboy12
  8. I use picture frames with a cloth military laundry bag backing and velcro dot's to hold the patches in place. Cowboy12
  9. Your welcome, glad I could be of help. Cowboy12
  10. They sell the pistol lanyards at this website. http://www.militaryuniformexchange.com/exc...000218607100706 Cowboy12
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