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  1. Unfortunately, with great difficulty. They go in from the outside in. The problem is that the rubber, will probably be pretty stiff after 75 years . I have put several in. You might want to use a small screw driver or slim piece of wood to help work them in. On at lease one helmet, the stress on the old rubber caused the large rubber ear piece to split. I put some super glue in the split, and it sealed up fine. It will prove to be quite a work out for your fingers! Good Luck!
  2. WWII Used by Mountain Ski Troops and other US Army troops.
  3. I bought a few box loads of small price tags with strings. I tie the string to a button loop on the uniform and write the amount I paid for the item in reverse on the back of the tag. For example if I paid $250. I write .052 The tags can also be tied to helmets and equipment. I ocassionally update the tags with current market prices.
  4. Thanks! I had lots of pratice from restoring my 1942 Ford Jeep!
  5. Both were spray painted with the Cast Coat Iron Dupli-color Engine spray paint. I may decide to repaint them later with spray on OD parkerizing. The Cast Iron color looks pretty close.
  6. I believe that this was a battlefield addition to prevent accidental release of the magazine.
  7. Guide Lamp and US marked. Small cannons (hard to see in Pic)
  8. Pics of the 2 demilled m-3 grease guns I put together from parts kits using Quick Dry J.B. Weld and auto body puddy.
  9. Pic of the group I'm trying to locate.
  10. I'm the lucky owner. I have another one in my collection, but couldn't resist getting another to possibly use as trade for other WASP items.
  11. My 318th Class wing. Notice the sharp numbers and the # 3 and # 8.
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