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  1. Ha ha, I was waiting for you! Thanks again
  2. I found this jacket with a bunch of mixed WWII US Vietnam War uniforms, looks home made or tailor made and is reversible, the fabric is heavy cotton Has anyone ever seen this patter? Thanks! Brad
  3. I found this one this past weekend, can anyone tell me when and where this one was made? thanks! Brad
  4. I hate having to ask, but could you guys and gals check out these scrolls and let me know what you think? I believe they are good, but I am no expert, thanks you!
  5. I found this at a local estate sale this week, I had no idea what it was when I bought it, I believe this is a Confederate "Dog River" sword, can anyone here confirm that? No markings on the blade which is crudely made. Thanks for the help! Brad
  6. There were never any $50 jeeps in a crate. A simple search on this forum will show you that even beat up jeeps were fetching quite a bit more at surplus auctions in 1946. This is a lie put out to sell information on how to buy a jeep, yes a pamphlet that you can get from the government for free. Now maybe the M151s you could get for $50. after they had been cut in to an "X" and were totally worthless. Yes Jeeps were crated for shipment during the war, but I have yet to see any proof of one being purchased by a civilian, I have heard stories from families and even heard that part of a crate was
  7. Robert, Pat is still alive, he is about 30 miles from me, just waiting for him to get back o me, not sure that he wants the stuff, might be kind of painful. I know my experiences in the military bring a lot of joy, but they also bring a lot of pain, the type of pain that can destroy a man, we will see. I'll let you know if I get it back to him. Brad
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