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  1. From my previous post on these: "Most of these unit ID pendants came "attached" to Ruptured Ducks manufactured by the Fox Company. They pendants came in a large variety of units to include USAAF, Infantry divisions and command level elements. I recall seeing these occasionally at shows in the mid 90s with many different units represented. I have not seen one at a show for years." Gary B
  2. Yes, the DUI forum is correct. These are scarce/rare and I believe manufactured by one company and seem to come in an endless variety of units. I have quite a number of them that I picked up while collecting Ruptured ducks. Gary B
  3. My father graduated from Tyndell flexible gunnery course in 1943. As I recall he told me that he was presented with Air Crew wings but bought his gunner wings later from a vendor. I will look for the exact dates. As an aside, he was shot down on his 51st mission on a night intruder raid to take out the last bridge over the Po River in Italy. The pilot was killed bailing out too low. My father, the other gunner and bombardier evaded capture for 9 days and returned to American lines. Gary B
  4. Thanks for the addtional info. Gary B
  5. Here is mine. C.O.NROY, Robert Albert, 549165, CoA, 1stBn, 9thMar, 3rdMarDiv, FMF, KIA: February 27, 1945 Don't have my records with me at the office.... Gary B
  6. To be eligible for the CIB with star he would have had to have served in combat in 2 wars of the 3 he would have been able to serve in (WWII, Korea, Viet Nam). Since he was a Marine in WWII he would not have been eligible for a CIB so would have had to have earned his CIB with star for Korea and Viet Nam, which you indicate he did not serve in Viet Nam. The pictured ribbon rack does not have his USMC combat action ribbon on it as depicted in his portrait from WWII as a Marine. He might have decided to "swap out" his USMC Combat action ribbon for a CIB on his own when he switched to the
  7. Not much more can be said that has not already been siad....what a wonderful and hisrotic group! Robert must have alot of good karma built up to keep finidng such lovely pieces! Gary B
  8. Hi Vince, Nice seeing you over here on this forum. Does this mean you are giving up medal bars? LOL! Gary B
  9. Hi, It has been awhile since I have posted. A friend sent me the below document. I have heard of these but have never seen them...is this a citation for a medal, or just a letter of commendation. Rare? Desirable?? Any idea on value (can PM me if you do not want to post price on forum) Gary B
  10. Mike, What on earth are you doing over here on the USMF showing CW Campaign medals....get back over to the Imperiaal Forum where you belong! Just kidding, congrats on a quite a find...identified, officer and a single digit to boot! Gary B
  11. WOW! Congratulations on a wonderful find. Excecptionally rare to begin with but to have the transmital letter with it is just amazing! A PH that has eluded my collection for years. Gary B
  12. David, Been away for a while and come back to all of these wonderful postings. This is indeed a spectaculr and rare group related to a "campaign" that most do not know about. Hope all is well in the USN! Gary B
  13. I guess the SOS was good to you (no shock there!), Robert! What a historic group to a brave pilot. Gary B
  14. Congrats! You have really been picking up some outstanding items from Robin's former collection. Gary B
  15. What a wonderful new piece for your collection....I did not make the SOS either but certainly did not have the same luck as you in acquiring such a historical piece! Hard to believe there are so few left from that generation. Gary B
  16. Kurt, I just saw this post and your comment. The plaque you have is from the Switlick company and was available for private purchase in their newsletter to members. I have never seen one, other than in the newsletter. Gary B
  17. Gary B

    RIP Tom Lane

    I have been away from the forum for a while and just logged in to see this....what horrible news. While I never met Tom I spoke with him several times via e-mail and he was quite helpful. A very sad loss. RIP, Tom. Gary B
  18. The hat looks to be for the Air Force Escape and Evasion Society (AFEES). His story may/should have been written up in one of the AFEES publications. Gary B
  19. Garth had great items in his US and German collection. Although we knew one another from the WAF, I got to know him a lot better when I began buying his German items when he was selling off that portion of his collection. A fine gentleman. I am glad this DSC went to you, Mike. Gary B
  20. Garth's obituary: Garth Thompson, age 73, passed away on Sunday, September 2, 2018 after a brief illness. Garth was an interesting character. Garth graduated from Joliet Catholic High School, Joliet, Illinois. After graduation he volunteered for the United States Marine Corps serving his country in Vietnam. During his thirteen month tour, Garth was wounded twice, awarded the Purple Heart with gold star and two Bronze Stars. After his discharge he attended the Finley College of Engineering in Kansas City, Missouri where he earned degrees in both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Ga
  21. Dave, It looks awesome! Great work! I look forward to buying a copy however it gets published. I can not even begin to imagine all of the hard work that went into this publication. Definitely a labor of love! Gary B
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