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  1. While the Air Commandos were certainly innovative - earliest air-ground cooperation and developing the TTPs used today was in NATO/MTO. Theaters in WWII didn't often get their innovations shared between theaters, so often practices developed at same time but unawares of others doing the same or similar things.
  2. If anyone is interested the MantheLine inserts, they are made by Sturm.
  3. Hi, I bought mine when they first came back in stock (a year ago?). I don't have an original to compare it to, but I have a number of photos of a number of originals and I observed details of originals during my recent visit to the National Museum of the US Air Force. Also there is no way I'm paying the BuzzRickson price for their B-10. I like it. I wore it through this past winter here in Germany and it kept me very warm. I did swap out the collar for real mouton (taken from a 1970s ladies winter coat I bought on eBay for $10.00). The ATF collar is fine, I just wanted real mouto
  4. Hi, anyone have experience with the ATF or MantheLine map case inserts - in particular when compared with originals? Thanks, Jeff
  5. Most likely a USAF weather unit - the symbols in the upper right are USAF weather symbols - the anemometer and the fleur-de-lis. Jeff
  6. 3505

    18th USAAF

    Not necessarily "wrong" - there was a USAF 18 AF, but not a USAAF 18 AF. Jeff
  7. sgtbarnes44, did you finish your article? Jeff
  8. Hi Marty, thanks for the reply. Greatly appreciated. Jeff
  9. Any photos of the manner in which the kit contents were packed for the first pattern Packet? Thanks, Jeff
  10. Hmm, I can't seem to edit the title/subject line - should read "when" not "whan" Hi all, I often see reference to three sizes of AAF wings - 3" (e.g., for coat), 2" (for shirt), and smaller e.g., 1 1/2" to 1 3/8" (e.g., for cap or sweet heart wings). Most of the time they are stated without any dates connected to their authorization and/or wear. I have found one reference (Emerson Insignia) that speaks to when the 2" were authorized - found in Changes 1 dtd 29 July 1944 AR 600-35. Any one have more information or can verify the Emerson reference? Perhaps the 2" wings we
  11. My boots and the WWII Impressions boots image pulled from the WWII Impressions' website - not as advertised. Jeff
  12. I don't have shirts in front of me right now, but it is a safe bet that the length would increase or decrease according to sizing of shirt - a 16 x 34 person is sizeably larger than a 13x32 person.
  13. I agree the leather is nice, but the assembly of the boot is not. The leather for the uppers is too tall for the shoe and the cuffs are sewn to high. Also only two single stitched rows for cuff to shoe as compared to two double stitched rows on originals. Again my main comments are: 1) advertised as spot on with originals, yet they are not (web page for WWII Impressions show cuffs attached where they are supposed to be) 2) the cost of these boots from WWII Impressions warrants greater quality control Here is what they should look like (not my photo - borrowed for comparison):
  14. Hi, you need to find a listing of the stock numbers and match them to specific sizes (best if you could the read the QM tag). Out of the Quartermaster Supply Catalog (Aug 1943) the stock numbers for the Shirt, Flannel, od, Coat Style, Special run from 55-S-5652-2 to 55-S5668-7 which roughly translates to some 16 plus different sizes. For example I have seen an NOS Quartermaster tag (sewn into lower edge of shirt) with stock number 55-S-5659-4 which is size 15 1/2 x 34 - you can try to do the math above and below this size. I believe the neck worked by half sizes and the sleeves by whole siz
  15. Ugh. I write the following in particular because of the cost these boots and to serve as a buyer heads-up. I recently decided to do a late WWII US impression, so I needed a pair of combat boots (aka double buckles). I looked into SM Wholesale and WWII Impressions - reviews tended toward WWII Imp for durability. So I called WWII Imp, made sure they had my size in stock, and I ordered. Three weeks later I have the boots in hand. In my excitement (yes I'm geeky that way) to finally have a pair of these boots I made sure they fit my feet and then I got to work on dubbing them (with Sno-se
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