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  1. lol i have one of these and did not know what to think of it
  2. looks like the same exact pictures to me. the ending price was allot less than the last time they had these two up for bid kevin
  3. nice one, i have a bunch of helmets that i picked up at a local surplus store, most are repaints. I have only worked on a few of them but i have found 1 29th div insignia on a fixed bail and a majors insignia helmet on another. you never know what treasure lurks underneath the repaints :w00t: kevin
  4. i, up until recently, have only bought ww2 helmets. i have moved it to buying ww1 and vietnam helmets as well as ww2 German helmets. ww1 helmets to me are like hidden gems, named and unit marked helmets are very cheap compared to ww2 ones and with vietnam era helmets i think they will be like ww2 helmets are today with a steep increase in price. (addicted to helmets)
  5. kminton327

    6th Army Group

    my grandfather was in the sixth AG, here is a picture of him receiving his bronze star from Gen. Devers in Heidelberg. Kevin
  6. original cinstraps used an 11 row weave. and the crafstmanship of the d bail itself looks rather sloppy and i dont mean the fact that one is pretty crooked i am talking about the tips of the bail where it gets welded to the helmet are uneven and i have not seen this on originals
  7. in the auction description he refers to a Herman Auct, who is he a helmet faker? :think: it is a very neat helmet Kevin
  8. the liner chinstrap is certanly artificialy aged. a while ago i bought an easy green helmet just to see his work. i left the helmet in my basement which is somewhat damp sometimes, for a few weeks with another original helmet. on the easy green helmet, the liner chistrap buckle, washers and rivets inside the liner became rusted very fast, looks like the linerchinstp buckle on this one. the original helmet i had in the basement did not change at all. what ever he puts on the liner chinstrap buckle to age them must settle where the buckle curves, my easy green buckle is corroded in the same
  9. lol i like how it says "you will never repent if you get it". so i guess if you buy it you have a ticket straight to hell? :think:
  10. its hard to say but the leather does look a bit too new compared to the rivetted holder it is connected to. but still it is a really nice liner and the chin strap reproduction or not does not detract from it Kevin
  11. i have this helmet with cover that was made from a poncho, but never have seen one with the flaps that look like it was factory done. this cover was not cut perfect and has some extra material
  12. some inland liner stamps are backwards for some reason. i have 1 that is backwards and a few that are firestone with inland over stamps kevin
  13. my IMP liner has the L I stamped on the webbing but no patch of yellow paint inside. it also has the number 9 stamped below the little man
  14. sorry but i am the one who won the liner sorry to out bid you, i just saw this post today, this post was not what alerted me to it though. it is one of the last liners that i needed for my collection and i was very surprised that it only went for 290, Kevin
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