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  1. Right back at ya. What year (about) would the photo with the Blue Angles flying Phantoms?
  2. Amazing. I'm sure your collection cost more than my house. Do your guns have to be deactivated?
  3. Another great video. I'm curious - with all the bullet holes leaving the house and office open to the weather how is it that the walls haven't rotted away in the past 150+ years? Are the holes filled with paint or some type of varnish or preservative - if you know? It's also interesting that the bullet holes in the interior show that the bullets were tumbling. I'd guess coming through the outside walls would have done that.
  4. Welcome from Rochester (the NY Rochester).
  5. Welcome. I also have relatives from the Alsace-Lorraine area. We'd love to see some of your collection.
  6. Welcome from the other side of the continent.
  7. WW2 military or not, I like it.
  8. I'd love to get my hands on one of those. I'd be perfectly happy with one in that condition.
  9. No wonder I was not familiar with these knives - you have them all.
  10. My guess is that most will recommend you don't open it. I'd certainly would want to open it also though.
  11. I see you like Japanese rifles also. Another of my favorites. Any particular reason for your attraction to Japanese rifles?
  12. WOW - very nice. That looks like one tall wall. How about a shot of the wall with the Type 99s on it.
  13. I'd like to say my wife is taking a bit more interest in WW2 as she'll sometimes sit and watch a show with me. I try to reciprocate by watching a show on the Home and Garden network.We have traveled to Gettysburg a couple of times where I had an ancestor killed on Little Round Top with the 140th NY Vols. My Dad was in the Pacific in WW2 and my wife's dad was in the Navy immediately after the war. He literally entered the Navy within a week of Japan signing on the Missouri. I keep telling her that when I assume room temperature she can have all my junque.
  14. Just wondering kaydee, do you own this? That looks like one perfect stock. M1 carbines are favorites of mine. There are so many different makers, parts suppliers and variations.
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