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  1. looks good. I suppose weathering would help but I like the right off the assembly line look also.
  2. Nice haul - sad it's water damaged. Looks like you've already got a buyer.
  3. As to the Battle of Britain tribute, I have to say those Hurricanes are my favorites - not as flashy as the Spitfires but there is just something about them. The trailing Spitfire seems to have been modified somewhat. It appears to have squared off wing tips and a bubble canopy. Was that a later model perhaps or an I just seeing things?
  4. Bill the Patch: Years ago I first dealt with John Gunderson to buy a bayo for a Civil War rifle I had found locally. He always has plenty of bayos for all different longguns. Since then I've bought several items from him. I've always found his items pretty reasonably priced. I stopped at his place once when going to a fancy schmansy (however you spell that) wedding at The Sagamore. Even if I'm not buying I always enjoy shooting the breeze with him. Just a nice guy. I think he has musician and/or NCO swords in stock.
  5. I love that Battle of Britain tribute. It gets your blood up. I wonder how many flying Spits and Hurricanes are still out there.
  6. Wow. Glad to hear all survived. Wouldn't want to pick up the repair tab.
  7. That's some haul. What is the clear plastic / glass item? The cutaways are really interesting.
  8. Great picture. I don't see those pics around western NY. Do you find them locally or elsewhere.
  9. Welcome. I'd love to see some of your collection when you have a chance.
  10. Well I'm a boomer also and time and it's passage fascinates me. I've got 2 boys in their mid thirties. They were both in their early 20's when my Pacific theater Dad passed away. I think it's neat to know that when they are in their 60's they will remember their grandfather who fought in a war 100 years earlier. Does that make sense?
  11. I've dealt with Gunderson Militaria for some time and always find it a pleasure. They always have a good selection of swords. Look them up on the net.
  12. It's the thing that makes your wife ask "...what did you buy that for?"
  13. It's always fun watching these come together. Nice work.
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