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  1. Yery nice. That is in beautiful shape for 100 plus years old. I take it that it would have flown over a fort or a base.
  2. That's a beauty. I love knives like that. Below the number on the sheath it could be "patented by" - the by looks pretty clear. You can also see what looks like an "S" under the word patented
  3. Sad to lose him. He was such a great actor.
  4. Welcome from western NY. I had an aunt and uncle in Tucson - is that the desert area?
  5. Great Group. That is a beautiful knife. What do you know about him being shot down? I was lucky enough to get a small group from an airman who was shot down over France about a month before D Day. He evaded capture and waited for the allies to liberate Paris before rejoining the Air Corps.
  6. Wasn't there another post just recently about an identical piece of ordinance/bomb just missing the tail assembly?
  7. I've got $10. burning a hole in my pocket that could be yours. A joke of course. Really a great item. Congrats.
  8. Great knife. What is stamped on the grip?
  9. Thank you - great photos. I love the Airacobra. My dad always told me about seeing Airacobras in flight while he was in college at the University of Buffalo. They were being built at the nearby Bell plant in Niagara Falls. He graduated in '42 and was immediately drafted. Then off to the Pacific.
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