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  1. After carefully considering everyone's thoughts on the item, i decided to make the seller an offer and he accepted it. Thank you for your feedback and the wealth on information shared.
  2. Great information, guys. I appreciate it...especially the level of detail. I surmised that 'worst case scenario' the parts came close to the price, but i just either don't know or forgot all the details behind the WWI USMC stuff. Thanks again.
  3. Hey Everyone, I'm watching this auction on ebay, and was hoping to hear some of the experts feedback on it. I've been out of collecting WWI USMC items for a few years and am just getting back into it...so any insight would be helpful. Thanks, Gene https://www.ebay.com/itm/World-War-I-USMC-Belleau-Woods-Marine-Group-Collar-Brass-Cap-Plate-NR/302858162595
  4. I'm going this year. 2012 was my first year going and I haven't been able to get away from work since...REALLY looking forward to getting back, it's such a great show.
  5. Thanks guys for your feedback. I just didn't like the look of this and you confirmed my concerns. Thanks
  6. The bolt is welded in place. So there is no way for a bullet to be chambered or fired.
  7. Hey Everyone, I have a question about torch cut firearms. I have a friend that has a M1A1 Thompson that was torch cut in three pieces and subsequently welded back together. The bolt is welded back in place but the slide still pulls back, locks and releases when the trigger is depressed. I don't believe any thing has been welded into the barrel. Are these items legal to sell? He is looking to sell it. I was able to snap a couple of pics of it so you can see what I'm referring to about the receiver. Any information would be helpful.
  8. I have a quite a few of these for my other collections, and I couldn't agree more with everyone else's opinion on them. I found this site on the web that shows a great way to combine two cases together. If you are somewhat mechanically inclined, you shouldn't have any problem doing it. It's how I set my cases up. http://www.eternalcollector.com/index.php/blog/collectors-tips/item/a-great-detolf-modification
  9. That is an outstanding looking Marine. You did a great job with putting him together. I can't wait to see Okinawan impression.
  10. Great items...a lot better than a shoe full of coal.
  11. What can I say that hasn't already been said, fantastic collection.
  12. Thanks guys for your input. The returned to the dealer and he accepted it back.
  13. Thanks everyone for your input. The dealer I bought it from accepted it back.
  14. Hey guys, I've this combat engineer helmet I would like to get everyone's opinion on. Your feedback is appreciated.
  15. Thanks guys for the input. I had my suspicions about it, but wanted to see what everyone thought. Fortunately, the fella I bought it from stands behind what he sells. I have a combat engineer helmet that I bought from him at the same time that I'm going to post this evening, and get everyone's opinion on that one. Thanks again.
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