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  1. I purchased a Marine’s medals and just the fabric is left of his PH ribbon bar as well as his GCM is missing the pin and the little connecting loop that attached the medal to the rifle. Any suggestions on how the restore the ribbon bar and GCM? Any help is appreciated.
  2. Nice display. I like that Japanese corner. Would you mind pm me with some close up pics of the gun rack? I wouldn’t mind building something like that for my collection.
  3. ETO is not my thing either, but I would have made an exception for that lid, too. That is killer!
  4. HaHa! You know we never finish a war room...Im afraid quarantine is getting to you, mate. Seriously, great display!
  5. Great display. You have some nice pieces. What’s the story on the helmet on your Marine shelf?
  6. Awesome setup. Always enjoy your pics, Dean. Really like that hand camo'd set up.
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