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  1. Just found a before photo on my phone, it was in sad shape.
  2. Picked up this Camillus Mk1 knife years ago as part of set of knives, it was paired with a jet pilot knife that I wanted. The handle was twine wrapped. Under that twine the leather washers were dry & cracked, a chunk with missing from the plastic pommel so into the "stuff I don't have time for now" bin it went. Flash foward to this year and sorting thru stuff looking for something else I came across it again. I got a hairbrained idea to pair with a cut down USN Mk1 bayonet scabbard I had lying around and thus it was born. I never cared for the smooth handle on the Mk1s so when
  3. Sundance - I don't know if the angle from the blade to the tang is standard. I looked for stress marks where the tang & blade meet and found none.
  4. 7. Here's the completed knife, a big thank you to Steve for an outstanding job.
  5. 6. Steve S. sent me a "in progress" photo. He wanted to know if I wanted a new or a darkened/aged look, I choose the later to match the parts.
  6. 5. Tang and small part were put into a citric acid bath to remove the rust. The was some black paint under ll that on the guard and pommel. Weather it was original to the knife or added later I don't know, but I left it place. Now it was ready to ship to Steve S. for the handle replacement.
  7. 4. I was amazed by how much rust was under the handle, I guess due to the leather wicking moisture and what poor design by using such a thin tang considering what the knife was being used for.
  8. I bought this very early Camillus with screw on pommel to round out my Camillus JPK collection. Now I have all (hopefully) of the Camillus JPKs from the screw on/peened pommel versions thru the last 3/85 pommel stamped one. Anyway this one had damage to the handle, so repair or replacement was needed. After closer inspection, I decided a replacement was needed. 1. Camillus JPK as I got it
  9. Anyone know what type of tools this pouch is for? Marked "MRT July 1959 Tool Roll 6501888". Looks like original markings have been blacked out, reissue maybe? Blacked out markings are Roll, Tool 2188?, can't read the last number, measures 19" x 15". Thanks for any info.
  10. Sgt BARney- The mess kit fits easily inside the pouch, however I don't have the utensils so that may make a difference. The pouch is undated unless the B46 stamp is an indicator. I don't know what time period it's from.
  11. I have seen lots of mess kits at yard & estate sales but this is first time I've encountered the pouch. Kit is marked "U.S M.A.Co. 1944" Nothing marked on the outside of the pouch (front or back) only on the inside of the flap "B-46" in block letters and hand writing. Does anyone know the time period of the pouch? The vet was prior Coast Guard, had his name and US Coastguard stenciled on the white canvas seabag.
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