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  1. I have to say it is a shame that listing something here is not simple. I have lot of items I would like share or get information on but I can’t figure out how to do it. I wish it was as easy as eBay or craigslist.
  2. I hate it when these actors like Steven Segal cant salute correctly. It seems like a tech advisor could show him in a few minutes.
  3. In the 70's early 80's there was a huge diorama of Tarawa in the Museum on Treasure Island. Does anyone know what happened to it? There was also a display of medals with a couple of original MOH's. What about those? Any info?
  4. Why is there a star on the victory ribbon?
  5. Why is there a star on his victory ribbon? My father warms in the navy in the pacific and he also had a star on his victory ribbon. He doesn't know why it is there.
  6. If you go to ebay international you can see the closeups of these medals
  7. Quite a find. What is the story? How, why and who saved this? I think the stories behind these items are just as interesting as the items themselves.
  8. Is it out of line to ask what a case like this sells for?
  9. When I was in the marines there were a lot of Korean veterans. They always had the Korean PUC after the UN Korean medal. Isn't that the correct placement?
  10. Just finished Is Paris Burning? From the 60's but very well written and researched. Most of the people were still alive when written interesting to read about battles right in the heart of Paris where all the landmarks are. I recommend for ww2 and Paris buffs.
  11. Thanks for posting. Brings back memories.
  12. I would like to do something like this in our local museum with my items from our early police chief who earned a dsc in wwI but I'm afraid someone will steal his medal and badges. How did you secure your display?
  13. Did any one out there know him? He was a friend from high school. Any one out there when he earned the navy cross?
  14. I think Penry had a tough life and died too young. I kind of remember a story that at one point he pawned his moh in a pawn shop in Reno. A bar owner in fresco named Henry Africa got the medal and with the help of Peter lemon, another moh recipient tracked down Penry and gave him a bar tending job a the eponymously named bar Henry Africa's. anybody out there know anything about this story?
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