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  1. I am mostly a lurker, but this page... just made me come out of hiding: freakin' amazing. I've seen some pretty good assorted museums in the ETO, some old, some new..., but with exception of maybe the Diekirch museum (which is also a private collection), your collection gives them a run for their money (on GI items). Seeing this many items, you most be 70 years old, and been buying about 10 items a day since... er... VE day? So: what is on your list still? (Next to a goalkeeper defense system to protect the perimeter near the War Building). Very, very impressive. Greetz, Do
  2. I'm pretty convinced OITCOTD will see the light of day, and soon (any time is soon compairing to the 10 years of waiting on it so far). 2012 will be a pretty decent book year: Terry Poyser and his F/506 book, Ian Gardner's 2nd 3/506 book (The Netherlands), also hope Paul Adamic's B/502 history is reaching the point of publishing. So much has been said and sort of announced over the years. Emmanuel Alain was to publish a book on E/502 (my late friend Lud Labutka served in that Company, and gave him some items for publishing in the book, inclusing a white mini-chute, signed by all of hi
  3. Like Alonso, I also got some of that ex-US-Greece stock. The rubber had completely hardened. It came folded, and with warm water I was able to unfold it a bit, clean the white powder of (talcum and various assorted other whites)(heck, when do ex-US-Columbian Shelter Halves hit the market??). After cleaning, the buggers hardened all up again, and today one still rest as hard and folded as can be in my war room. Ah well... still a great item...
  4. But glad a 70's bar crumbled. It's total crap opening an original K-ration to find those nice little holes in some of the packed stuff inside, and finding out much has been dined on by some little bug/weavel or whatever you call them freeloathers...
  5. Would love to ad the Military Channel to the cable selection, but we already have the Deluxe Extra Complete Special All Inn And A Sausage Pack... and History is as good as it gets right now. (Next to the Food Network).
  6. 70's would be my guess. The rest a 'tad' older.
  7. Chocolate bar.... poooffff... chocolate powder... This stuff was thrown together in a bag. The D-Bars became all swollen up, but the Hershey crumbled up inside. Once the Hershey bar was handled, it just fell apart.
  8. The mannequins make the difference. To see a guy standing there, and scrutinizing him up close... seeing the moist eyes, and expecting him to blink... Pretty erie, frozen in time.
  9. If the Aliens were here, I guess they wouldn't be into our prehistoric ways of chucking wood, dynamiting for gators or ice road trucking. They'd be collecting real size WWII battleships from the ocean floor. And using that hoverboard I've been waiting for since Back to the Future...
  10. Received a copy of the above mentioned TV show today. The presenter spend some time as my friends house at La Fiere on D-Day last June, interviewing the host and the family veteran friend, Earl Geoffrion of 507th PIR. Was amazed how they managed to cut a perfectly good interview to an under 1 minute item, leaving all good stuff on the editing floor. After that she was shown visiting the Parachutage (that was not to be due to the weather), next to the B&B of another friend. She did interview another veteran though, and guys like Bill Sullivan and Zane Schlemmer where shown briefly.
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