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  1. I don't have the article and was only made aware that there was some mention of this style of patch in a previous article. I'm aware of the Society of the 1st Division and their using the 1ID vehicle insignia incorporating the numeral "1" and the wreath as their logo. I've seen other variants of the 1ID shoulder patch on uniforms incorporating both the "1" and wreath- no special Society connection- just utilizing that same design. The bars are the mystery.
  2. I thought this as well. The horizontal bars possibly denoting a specific company and regiment, much like the POM codes used during WWII. No luck though so far in locating a chart that might indicate this for WWI units.
  3. Need help identifying a sub unit who would have worn this 1st Division insignia. Uniform appears to be an unmolested original. Collar disc is Infantry, Company B. I've been told in an older issue of ASMIC someone identified a similar example as being for a 1st Division driver working for the American Battle Monuments Commission. However, I do not feel that to be accurate for several reasons, namely as the ABMC isn't formed until 1923, four years after the 1ID rotated home. Any divisional involvement in the inter-war era would have been much later in the 1930s, long after use of this uniform.
  4. Gunslinger makes a good point. I've seen a similar April 1945 KIA 1st Division group that included a German made patch and CIB that was sent back to the family with his personal effects in late 1945 or early 1946.
  5. I believe that patch to be misidentified, It's also a German made example. The two posted above are correct as British produced variants. That brown felted wool base is distinctly German.
  6. The patch posted at top is definitely occupation era German made.
  7. Interested in knowing if any patch/insignia collectors have found a standardized sleeve, preferable one rated as archival or safe for long term storage? I'd like to find something that allows for 6-8 patches per side, in sleeves that I can fit into binders. I see lots for baseball cards and CDs, just wondering if someone has already found the perfect one. TIA
  8. Great patch. What was your role within the unit?
  9. Tapes, CIB and collar insignia are original. Shoulder insignia look way to recently resewn for me. Without knowing the whole story, my guess is someone added the shoulder patches to a stripped jacket that had only period tapes left on it to make a quick buck,
  10. I saw this one too but I wouldn't get my hopes up. Unless Bob or Owen hand you one personally, or the veteran takes it down off his mantle and gives it to you, it's probably not original. These are so heavily faked. Not saying miracles don't happen, but I've seen great looking pieces and threads just like this especially for TR helmets, and 99.9% of the time they end up later being judged a fake when someone has it in hand. I think the colors and dome wear on this one give it a chance, but that's all it is, a chance.... So there's my .02 for the day.
  11. That's a rare bird to see in the States. Nice find.
  12. Can anyone confirm who the officer on the right is? I believe it's Col. Frank E. Blazey, 3rd Brigade commander in late 1967. Would like to confirm. Had the honor to meet him last year. Incredible individual with an amazing service history. He's the last surviving 1st ID brigade commander from Vietnam.
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