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  1. Ya know this whole can't edit postings is BS. It turned out to be a crappy post. No longer for sale. I will sell somewhere else.
  2. Two Hawley liners for sale Early rayon and layer version $400 ea. Free shipping US insurance extra. I think condition can be seen in photos. Rayon seems like typical condition. Don't know why it was not very sturdy material.
  3. I dont have any technical info on Marine Corp Cole Carts. Only photos that I assume are Cole Carts. The photos below are mine. The rest in the gallery were purchased by others on EBAY or unsold. Gallery http://handcartz.smugmug.com/CARTS/Pre-War-Marine-Carts/14642578_tGV5dw#!i=1105774402&k=L82FtXD
  4. Nice to see another survivor. The hardest part to find is the top half though. I suppose they were used for barbecues and pig feeders or whatever. Well if it ever finally collapses from carrying to much rock I could use the baffle with the holes in it. This is mine on display. Would have to say out of all the Hand Carts I had on display my Military Bicycles and the garbage can looking thing received the most comments. I just have to throw this out there because if you dont say anything someone else will. I would be willing to build a baffle that would drop right in your Cart and some
  5. These are not a desirable Cart so the prices are pretty low. Quit a few have been on EBAY in various conditions with most of them not selling. They are large and difficult to ship. If the wood is in good shape and it is complete I think $500 is a good asking price If I found one close by I might pick one up for myself but it would have to be in original complete condition. I kind of hope I dont find one. I dont have the room to display it. A couple of photos of the Cart in use Here is a tag from a Cart. A little note by the photo says sold on EBAY for
  6. Here are a couple of photos I saved from an EBAY auction ( I think) a few years ago. Cant make them any bigger.
  7. Thanks for the tip. Gives me a direction to start searching. If it turns out to be CCC than I will probably sell them...
  8. Philadelphia Quartermaster made pants. Appears unissued but my have had one large button installed. Please help identify model and era.
  9. Here are some photos I have of VC Dodges with markings. Will be on the lookout for ones marked Pa.
  10. Here are a few photos of Lewis machine Gun Carts. There's a guy who sells these on EBAY but they are just Library Of Congess photos which is where I got these from.
  11. That pretty much means he was a Chevy Guy right. Even if they were good vehicles a Chevy guy wouldnt admit it...Thanks for posting
  12. Thanks for taking the time to write this. My Dad has several sets of Mint HBT. Will have to take a look and see if there is anything worth posting. Didnt know a big hoard was found in Europe. He has owned them for many years.
  13. Just wanted to sharing a crusty Sound Locator hat. This was given to my Dad by my Grandfather to play with back around 1949? It was picked up at a Surplus store. Back than my Dad used to play pilot with it. I remember doing the same thing with it when I was younger. Of course a few years ago we figured out what it was. I dont own a good photo of this right now so I will link you to the Skylighters.org website to see it in use. http://www.skylighters.org/howalightworks/ Would like to know the correct name or number of this Hat. Its the only one Ive seen.
  14. Cool find. 6395 is the earliest number on my serial list and 10512 is the highest of the R.I.A. Carts without the strap and holes on the top of the body. As far as I can tell they made around 4500 M3A4's without holes., There are only 11 on my list. Serial number 6200 is an aluminum Cart so your number would be higher than this.
  15. There is a nice picture of this box on page 151 of Antiaircraft material for Machine Guns. A PDF can be found in Google books. http://books.google.com/books?id=1skm0ME6VmUC&pg=PP1&output=html_text
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