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    The photo on my profile is my grandfather. He is laying down on the deck of a ship, on his way to North Africa. He made it through Africa, Cassino, France, Bastogne, Germany and came home without a scratch. He gave me some souvenirs about 20 years ago and I have been hooked on WW2 ever since.

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  1. When I lived out west, I remember driving through Snoqualmie Pass, on my way to Seattle. I would see them flying below me, through the valleys. It's pretty awesome to watch!!
  2. Very nice! I've been collecting Zippos for years. The black crackle war time Zippos bring a tidy sum! Yours looks to be in really good shape, and named too! I've gotten pretty lucky over the years & found quite a few, but yours beats them all!!
  3. Awesome thread! Question: Would it be correct to assume that the US medals would be worn below/after their "Native" awards, much like US service men & women would?
  4. Thanks for the info & replies!! The weight seems to be exactly the same as the real ones. The barrel is metal, and seems to be a genuine piece. The bayonet & sling are genuine USGI items. I imagine someone added them at some point. The bayonet is marked "M9 Lan-Cay USA". From what I can find, the scabbard appears to be a USMC item.
  5. I stopped by the local pawn shop today & found this little gem. Thought some people might like it...Enjoy!!
  6. Welcome! I can't wait to see some pictures! It sounds like your interests are much like mine!!
  7. I've had this in my gun locker for many years, and thought some people might like it. While it isn't a military issue item, it's another example of the many "custom" accessories for surplus rifles that were really popular for some time. Enjoy!
  8. Thanks! I didn't notice the cuffs, but now that I took a closer look, they were replaced. They were definitely replaced a long time ago. I imagine he probably wore the jacket for many years after the war. The M41 looks like it was packed away, and forgotten about...
  9. I don't think I've ever seen one with the leather in such good shape. That's a real beauty! I love it when things pop up with some of the original tags & labels intact. Very nice find! Congrats!!
  10. His last name is Bruno, but it looks like the bag may have been named by my Uncle when he was a kid. That would explain the different initials. Other than that, these are all straight out of the same closet that they have been in for decades! The leather is a little stiff in spots from hanging for years, but there is pretty much no damage to any of it. I'll post more pictures when I dig some more!!
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