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  1. Hello Patrick----- Thank you for all the great information on this man
  2. Hello Everyone--- Got this the other day a 1930's -1931 USMC Dress Blue jacket and pants --both are named to the same Marine Dated 1930/1931. Are the collar insignia good they look a little funny to me--- they are a matched pair---- also would a 1930's Dress Uniform have a World War Two patch on it ? Any help would be great. Also Is there a book out there on USMC collar insignia as I need to know more on this matter
  3. Hello Everyone---- does anyone know what this is ? What time period ? Who worn it ? Any help would be great ---- Thanks Mark
  4. Hello Everyone--- found these to item today at the flea market---- both are named and numbered ---- do they look right for the period---- any help would be great --- Thanks Mark
  5. Hello Everyone--- Found this uniform today----I have some questions about it---- are the insignia the collar right for this period also are the stripes also right for this time period too ? Thanks Mark
  6. Thank you this is my first one that is silk screen version ----- It came right out of the closet--- The collar discs are US 2 & the at one is US 23---- I wish that is was named ! Again-- thanks to everyone who helped with this
  7. Found this today World War Two USMC Sweet Heart theater made piece
  8. Hello Everyone----- is this real or not----2nd Division Patch painted Chief--- any help would be great --- Thanks Mark
  9. Thanks to everyone for all the information on this man
  10. Hello-- found this today at the flea market Officer tag on a money clip ---- tag is put on so it is not damaged --- clip is sterling silver
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