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  1. This one is real. I know the owner who Jamie got it from. This one and the 13th FAB I can say are genuine.
  2. I'm sorry you are annoyed scott. Not my intent, but I am glad I got out of collecting. Not just for this reason, but being debt free and not living paycheck to paycheck is another big bonus. I still think this whole situation is sad and really hurts the hobby. -J
  3. Those ranger helmets are laughable. I just never said anything. Yet again, I am so glad I sold my collection........
  4. This whole situation is sad this is EXACTLY why I sold my entire collection in February and I was a ghost on the forums. WW2 collecting became not fun and all about a sea of fakes out there. Sad. Truly sad.....
  5. I personally know who bought this lid. (it wasnt me) but I'll get to see it in hand sometime soon.
  6. Proboably was something the family bought him as a "memento of his service"
  7. Anybody??? No opinions on what this could possibly may have been??
  8. So I got this liner with a Navy lid, and it looks like it once had a white stripe across the top of the liner as well as a circle on each side. It is an original set and I was just curious if anyone has seen anything like this before??
  9. Man! Why cant I ever find stuff like this in thrift shops!!??
  10. I still don't like it. Especially the liner. The pot and liner seem to have VERY similar wear marks.
  11. Based on these pictures, I don't like this one. The insignia looks like it has been sanded on both the pot and liner. Is it just me, or does the insignia also appear quite large?
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