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    Vietnam era militaria
  1. I hope some of you please could give your opinions on this hat. The owner has had it since the early 70:s. /Ken
  2. Thats what Im looking for. It looks really good. I will send you a PM. /Ken
  3. Im looking for some realistic M26 hand grenade repros. I found one site that has a very good looking resin copy, Corbins Ordnance replica's. Only problem is that Im getting no response on e-mails and I have tried to phone him several times with no luck. Anyone that knows this guy? Otherwise Im happy if anyone knows of some other source where I can find good quality repros? /Ken
  4. Thanks for the reply. About Moores I think they are pretty good. Havnt yet washed and put them to use so I cant really tell. Worksmanship seems good and Im sure they will hold up well for use.
  5. Hi, Wich repro are the closest match to original T.S. ? I have Moores tadpole set, but Im looking at East Asia repros, are they good? Regards Ken
  6. Hi, Just wanted to check how many of you guys are going? Im leaving Sweden for a fun weekend in Louisville. /Ken
  7. I just ordered the 3rd volume. Does anyone know how many volumes that serie will be? Regards Ken
  8. I also got mine a few days ago. The books really are in a class by itself. Good news is that the 3rd volume will be released in october.
  9. Are there anyone that has got the latest book yet? Regards Ken
  10. Hey Patches, Any chance you could post pictures on your tags?
  11. Hey Capa, I have googled but I cant find any size tags that looks like that, They all have a second row number so it feels like this one isnt right.
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