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  1. My "russian" mag pouch has a big US stencil on the back side. Of course seller was the guilty one.
  2. As always, the great Webcat (Carter Rila) was right.
  3. I have a gunner one but shipping from is a nightmare of money.
  4. Well, it's possible that the idea of a gunner replacement would have been dropped later but why to name a belt 2nd assistant if the 1st doesn't exsist. They should have named it simply "assistant belt".
  5. If I remember well what late Carter Rila said, the first assistant doesn't exsist belt cause the guy wore a gunner belt being his duty to pick up the gun if gunner would have killed or wounded. The second assistant with its '03 covered the whole crew and bandoleers completed the need of ammos.
  6. Tipical korean era buckle. From light alloy to brass again.
  7. Being 1944 Warrens dated, it should be a 1945. Late WWI production.
  8. Being the belt absolutely legit, keepers were replaced in the past. Original keepers were tin soldered on the back so take a look.
  9. If keepers are made out of copper it's a 1941, if brass is an early 1942.
  10. The buckle is the early WWII type but it looks rusted as it would have be made out of iron while all buckles of that period are made out of blachened brass.
  11. There is only one fake stencil on the Yale and it's easily detectable by odd font.
  12. I'm not too sure hook was removed. If so it leaves some marks on leather. Check for it. I had a mint 1943 Craighead M1916 which never got an hook. Workers sometimes are sleeping.
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