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  1. You can also tell it's WW2 manufacture because the " tail " from the merrowed edge process is tucked inside the finished edge unlike modern " tails " that have a piece of tape on them
  2. The one you are asking about is the 95th Inf ASMIC 95A1, pb , MMP & NH unit deactivated 1952
  3. CLE = class "E" piece CLE is found on the backs of some Aresta made pieces depending on which company in Taiwan received the order other hallmarks found on Aresta pieces: AOH = Aresta of Hawaii AOH T = Aresta of Hawaii Taiwan CWA = Charles W. Aresta
  4. 2nd Tank Bn ASMIC Z2D1 No hallmark (Aresta) made in Taiwan
  5. There not plastic; there made of ceramic and fired on a metal plate be careful with them or they'll crack and yes they are fairly rare, even more so that this pair has no damage!!
  6. The upside down Taro leaf is for the: 11th Quartermaster Regt
  7. The blue shield with black and yellow strips is the: 1st QM Motor Repair Bn The blue diamond is the: 99th Air Base Squadron (AAC)
  8. Yes, I can; I was holding it in my hand at 10:30 this morning
  9. yes; this is a 24th medical piece 3rd version ASMIC # 24D 1st version is round, WW2 era 2nd version is shield shaped, post war era
  10. Laminated plastic around 1943 (same time as sterling pieces California state Guard / Staff
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