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  1. ^ No, no DUIs were worn during WASP training.
  2. ^ I remember you well! I think I got a nice NNC hospital dress from you. I'll get that information together for you & put you in touch with them tomorrow. I'm glad you were able to get the cap for what sounds like a song! At least someone knew what it was. Wonder what other WASP memorabilia came out of that sale!
  3. Nice find!! As for the value, WASP items are incredibly rare & hard to come by, and thus VERY expensive. They were only over 1,000 original WASP and many of the items are now in museums or just plain worn out/thrown away. I have only very, very rarely seen random uniform pieces come up for sale, and they go for very high sums. On a semi-educated guess (I have been out of collecting for about 2 years now) I would say probably at least $300 on that hat, and please note I could be low on that. I had a massive museum-quality US women's collection and a lot of contact with original WASP and WASP Museums, and I've never seen one available before. Yours also appears to be in pretty nice condition, which is a bonus. They're definitely few & far between. WASP were authorized to wear the AAF patch. That's well documented in photos, both on the Santiago blue uniforms as well as the pre-Santiago men's pinks & greens they wore. The DUI I don't recognize, but that doesn't mean much. Many WASP were assigned to Training Command & Ferrying Command, and the wearing of those insignia is also well documented. It would not have been worn during training - only after wings were earned, depending on where the WASP was assigned. Since that DUI appears to be for a training command, it's entirely possible she wore those. To the best of my knowledge they never wore DUIs or any other insignia during training. It's also just possible she got it in a swap or something from a guy she met on base. Who knows! I still have contacts with the WASP Museum & the TWU WASP archive in Denton. Let me know if you'd like me to put you in touch.
  4. Not a bringback per se - got this from the estate of a German family who sympathized, and even had some members answer the call to return to Germany. Yeah, interesting! Wasn't sure where else to post it since it isn't US. Some water damage but otherwise very good condition. Thinking about selling it since I don't collect German. I had never seen anything like it and had to buy it. This book "Here in Our Germany" was published in 1938. It is entirely in German and is basically a "look how awesome we are!" propaganda book. Lots of pictures - Hitler, Goebbels, olympic stadium, lots of factories, parades, etc. Uber creepy! Same book here, slightly better condition than mine! I'll have to take more photos to post. http://www.od43.com/Bei_Uns_In_Dtl_1938.html
  5. Nice collection! I recognize several of your books from my own collection. I need to take a picture of mine and post it here so we can compare notes!
  6. I was actually going to suggest it was a wine gift bag! In all seriousness, probably some sort of Red Cross gift bag, as others have suggested.
  7. Okay, my husband just brought this book home and surprised me with it. Finally I can post a fair review! For anyone who is remotely interested in ANC and NNC collecting and wondering whether or not you should get it - absolutely, do NOT hesitate. This book is incredibly, incredibly extensive. It covers every uniform piece in detail, including fabric weaves & colors, gear, and extensive history and information on each branch. Each uniform piece and combination is photographed in detail, complete with period photographs and regulations as reference. All of the modern photographs in the book are excellent and clear, complete with period makeup & hairstyles. This book makes "Dressed for Duty" look like a child's coloring book. Pricey, yes, but very much worth it for serious collectors of WWII women's uniforms. I can honestly say this is a definitive volume for the ANC and NNC, similar to what the Harlan Glenn books are for USMC collectors. I am very much looking forward to her future volumes!
  8. True, it was done... but it is done far more often by reenactors than it ever was originally. That was my point.
  9. Very interesting! I too think it *looks* like an original photo, but the sidearm thing threw me. Women almost never carried sidearms and it definitely wasn't the norm. Other things about the picture looked like "reenactorisms" to me - the "naming" on the front of the jeep, stopping to examine a map on the hood, etc. But I suppose it could have been a posed photograph. Regarding sidearms, I've read a couple accounts of Nurses in the PTO and CBI occasionally having weapons, obviously not acquired through official channels, for the reasons ItsyBitsy mentioned. I've also read 1 account of a WASP pilot carrying a 1911, but I have *never* heard or read anything else about that, so I tend to question it even though that came directly from a veteran.
  10. May I ask where this photo is from? My husband is convinced it is reenactor-posed.
  11. Ok, if it is the winter wool (sorry from the pic it looked khaki) and a 22-1/2 then that helps. I think $175 is fair.
  12. The Hobby hats generally start around $100, but most I've seen are around the $150-$200 mark, depending. Price goes up if it is the darker mustard or officer wool, or the size is larger (like 22 or 23). Since yours appears to be in good shape, has the early "walking buzzard" cap badge, and is named to the owner with provenance, I would say $150-$175 is a fair price. What is the size of the hat, and does it have a box or anything with it? Are the side buttons US Army style or the walking buzzard?
  13. At first glance I also I thought you were talking about these type. We have 6 of the white Corning "milk glass" type, one is that is actually marked USQMC and dated pre-war, and a last one that I can’t remember the maker on it. I think at least one of the Corning is dated perhaps 1951 or something like that. Universal military mess item, popular on ship, but there are tons of photos of US Army mess halls with the tables hosting these same white handle-less mugs. We actually have quite a nice collection of all white USQMC marked white serving ware. Don’t get my husband started on his collection of US Navy and USMC silverware pieces!
  14. I scour DFW CL as well. We're probably glancing at the same overpriced items that have been reposted 472 times since last June.
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