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  1. Prices lowered on many items throughout the website. Take a look and see what we have! -Brent
  2. 11th ACR looks about right for the 'combat patch'. The shadow seems a bit to wide to be something along the lines of MACV or the Field Forces (those shields are usually pretty thin in original examples), whereas the 11th ACR has a wider construction. They were in Vietnam, and being that the soldier seemed to have been in armor, it would make sense here. The other could be any of the Armored Divisions Linedoggie mentioned. Make sure when you re-patch to use full color cut edge patches. It'll make it more 'correct' for the the 1960's/early 70's.
  3. Hey Trooper B.A.R, Thanks for your order. I shipped it out Tuesday. If you don't mind leaving a little feedback on here or on our facebook page, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you! -Brent
  4. Running a promotion through April 5th - Coupon code "EASTER2015" will get you 15% off any order! -Brent
  5. You're dead on, I wasn't even looking at the right photo! Yes, that's an old television. I'll have to check the model and such later. The reason for the confusion is that my brother used to have a mini TV/Radio combo that was about the same size and resembled somewhat the BC-306-A. I guess the actual TV though should have been a bit more obvious! Thanks to Tarbridge for correcting the photos - I couldn't figure out how to rotate them once they were uploaded here. I'll check the photos next time before I start uploading them. Thank you all! -Brent
  6. No sir! That's an Antenna Tuning Unit, BC-306-A dated June of 1945. I can see the resemblance though! Thank you all! -Brent
  7. And what's a collection without the rack? I hate having so much in storage - I mean, I love having it all, I just wish I could display more of it! Thanks for looking! -Brent
  8. Mannequin set up to represent an artillery officer in the 3rd Army - everything is original. My favorite corner of the room - I try to go somewhat diorama style with the crates. Makes it interesting in my opinion. Those flags were brought home from Vietnam by my grandfather.
  9. It's been a while since I posted here - got into a German collecting spree and have also been busy with my work schedule. I wanted to post a little bit of my personal collection. Unfortunately the collection room is a bit messy right now, being filled with boxes of inventory for my new business venture (link in the signature). I tried to photograph selectively so that you don't have to see the mess. Photo and document grouping to USAF Lieutenant Colonel Gordon W. Cruickshanks. Photos are from WWII in the CBI theater, the document was presented to Cruickshanks while in occupied Japan f
  10. Should be working now. Last update must have not completed. Thanks for the heads up! -Brent
  11. Lots of new insignia added, along with a lot of other militaria. Store's a little bit easier to navigate now too! www.crossfiremilitaria.com
  12. I know this may be somewhat of a shot in the dark seeing that we are all technically in competition, but with my experience on this forum, I know you all are an agreeable and helpful bunch. So, I'm going to take a crack at this. I've just started my own web store and am looking for some advice from the more experienced dealers. What can I do to get my business out there? For militaria, what is the best channel of advertisement? Have you had any luck advertising in your own community? What do you think customers look for in a militaria store? Any other advice pertaining to this kind of op
  13. Thank you! Always appreciate feedback, especially since this is a new venture for me. Many new items added in the past few days, including a fantastic WWI grouping, some headgear, and a lot of insignia. Please take a look! www.crossfiremilitaria.com Thanks, Brent
  14. Hello folks, I've been absent here for a while. I took a lull from collecting to work on some other projects, and now I'm back to promote a new business venture. I've recently started a web store called Crossfire Military Collectibles. I'm dealing in original 20th Century US and Foreign Militaria. I've got a lot of new inventory in now and more on the way! A couple of named groupings are available now and more will be coming soon. Please check back for more updates! I hope you'll check out our website, www.crossfiremilitaria.com ! We've got plenty of low prices and great deals, especially
  15. I did a display for a Veteran's golf tournament at my workplace recently, and I can attest 100% to what Mercenary25 said about targeting your audience. I knew my audience was going to mostly be veterans from the 1960's-1980's, with a few younger and older guys in there. I also knew a huge percentage of them were Navy and Air Force veterans, so I wanted to represent them as well as I could. Also because this tournament was mostly being played by people local to the area, I wanted to display items mostly from local veterans or that I had found in this area. In the end I think I accomplished my
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