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    Antiqus, military history, archaeology and vintage motorcycles.
  1. Thanks for tha book tip about full gear, just have to get it :-)
  2. I am guessing that picking up an extra on the battle field and modifying it was not that hard. I guess it could be either Axis or Allies who done the modification- Very intresting item though.
  3. There is a few ebay traders located in Thailand selling lots of US Vietnam era stuff, any thought of them? Could it be the real MCCoy left there as surplus after the war, or is most of it "other" stuff?
  4. How do I post a new for trade subject????

  5. Hi - I just got this a few days back when I bought several antiques, it was thrown in to sweeten the deal, and I need your help to identify it, I guess it is a WWII issiue Colt holster, but the extra top atatchment? I have a hard time to find pictures of a similar one, The seller (old military antique dealer) said he never had one like this before. I heard from a frient that said it might be MP issue ? If some one know, or are intrested, send me a message, I am always looking to trade for Aviation goggles, oxygen masks etc ! Will
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