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  1. Picked up a little collection of items from WW1. I have never seen the round bag before, I am thinking it might be something cavalry related? Strap is pretty heavy duty. The long narrow strap is British I believe. There is a name on the inside flap and several round ink stamps that are too faint to read. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Just picked up this knife in a set of WW1 stuff. I left in uncleaned. Wood handle is very nice, the blade shows heavy pitting and rust. There are two leather scabbards that it fits, one leather scabbard is a little smaller so at some point probably belonged to another knife. Only marking I could find appears to be a letter L on the crossguard. Has anybody seen this style of knife before?
  3. By far the coolest M1917 I have come across. Coming in a little collection I am about to pick up.
  4. I make a killing selling homing pigeons on Ebay. Sold the same one 22 times! Maybe you should send me the patch as an award....just kidding. Very nice and I never knew these existed. Learn something new everyday.
  5. Probably not aviation related but has wings right? Trying to figure out what this was for, was in a collection that I purchased. Measures 2 1/4 inches in width. Thanks in advance for your help, Brian
  6. Had these items for a little while, interesting but they are a little outside my collecting area and trying to narrow things down. These belonged to Warren S. he served from 1950-1954 and was a member of the 3rd Regiment Old Guard and was among other things detailed to guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Liner is a CAPAC with the original leather visor strap. Flag is 50 star and might have been his funeral flag. Leggings are dated 1948. Any ideas on a ball park figure for the group? I don't have the photograph in the group, his daughter wanted to retain it but that is him in his uniform
  7. Just picked up this interesting group from the family. It belonged to Major General Milton Pilcher, in 2017 he was the oldest surviving member of Merrill's Marauders and passed away at the age of 100. Includes 6 uniforms (almost all named to him), named visor and Bancroft baseball cap, Major General flag, named Legion of Merit medal, named Bronze Star, WW2 boxed medals, ton of pins, garrison caps, copy of his service record and history with articles etc. Most is related to his post WW2 service but one garrison cap is named to him as 2nd Lt. Even includes a DVD copy of his funeral at Arlingt
  8. Trying to figure out a little more about what this is, appears to be a Federal military academy photo but I don't recall CW era pictures being quite this large. Pasted onto cardboard, its old but just not sure how old?. Frame measures 16 x 12, picture itself measures 13 1/4 by 9 1/2. Thanks in advance for your help,
  9. Got it fellas, thanks for your input. Suspicious from the start but always good to get a few more opinions. Got a little education as I knew nothing about the 1st Marine Provisional Brigade, interesting history.
  10. So I was fortunate enough to purchase a collection of USMC uniforms. This overcoat was in there, at first I had no idea what the patch was for, the collector who assembled the collection is deceased so no chance to ask. Figured out its a British 49th West Riding patch and the overcoat would have been used by the 1st Marine Provisional Brigade who were stationed in Iceland prior to our entry into WW2. I am usually suspicious of anything unusual, question is does this have any chance to be original? One the one hand the Marines were authorized to wear the patch in Iceland but were to remove
  11. I must say the first one I have ever come across, came in a collection of USMC uniforms I was fortunate enough to buy. Good clean overall condition with just a couple of small moth nips. I noticed the two top bottoms were smaller the others, possibly replaced or was this standard? Any idea on a value? Thanks in advance for your help,
  12. Thanks for the info, wonder if it was a mistake when he put it on there. He was a young guy in WW2 so I can't imagine he was a part of the occupation in WW1. How do I go about getting his records?
  13. Just picked this nice Ike jacket up this weekend from the vet's daughter (cool that it is dated June 6th, 1944). Double patched to the 5th Division (Normandy plus 30) and also the 106th Division. Found these two ribbon bars in the pocket, is this a POW ribbon bar? For some reason the stripes seem out of order on it but would make sense as a large number of the 106th was captured at the Bulge.
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