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  1. Greetings Chris, My friend had some time today to secure his GRU-7 with the RBF flags. Hope that pins are in the right place. Please kindly confirm. Thanks, Joe
  2. If you ever decide to acquire and restore it, please post some pics.
  3. That was at the East Coast MV Show about 2 weeks ago. I didn't ask for the price. Vendor had an ad up at the G503.com. He was asking for 1k. I'm not sure if he still has it. You can ask and maybe make a deal. Seller is located in SE Virginia 23314 here's the link. https://forums.g503.com/viewtopic.php?f=83&t=306831
  4. By the way, I saw this Ejection Seat for Sale. Supposedly for an OV-1. I'm not familiar with it. Maybe mohawkALSE can confirm. Joe
  5. Gretings mohawkALSE, Here are some photos of the GRU-7 RBF flag I got with the help of Chris. Joe
  6. Hi Chris, I was able to pass by Little GI Joes Military Surplus this weekend. Fortunately, they still had a couple of sets left. I got my friend a set. Im sure hell be very happy with it. The guy in the shop was very friendly and helpful. Had a great time at Warbirds Over the Beach too. Great Airshow weather. All in all a perfect weekend. Thanks for the tip! Appreciate it very much. Joe
  7. Hi Chris, Thanks for the info. Might pass by, if I get the chance to attend Warbirds over the Beach next month. The shop should be nearby. I hope they still have some left. Joe
  8. Hi hink441, That's a great piece. I hope you don't mind , but could I please ask from which surplus store did you find it? I'm thinking of getting one to give a friend who likes any and everything about the A-6 "Intruder". Thanks, Joe
  9. Here's my friend's attempt at creating a reproduction mounted canteen cover.
  10. Hi Cavdoc83, You might have seen this before. This is a colored film clip of US Army vehicles on maneuvers at West point sometime 1939. It looks like a dark olive green almost bronze green but the the color shifts depending on the exposure. Most of the vehicles are clean. It also looks like the paint is Glossy or semi gloss. I hope it helps.
  11. http://www.fly-by-photography.com/warbirds_beach2017/h8D54FFB9/slideshow#h8bd7b423
  12. Hello Patches, These tanks are displayed at the Tank Park at Fort Indiantown Gap - National Guard Training Center
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