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  1. I am reading Halsey's Typhoon by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin. I had a 2nd cousin FC/2c RH Hicks who was lost when the ship he served on USS Hull DD350 was lost in this typhoon 18 Dec 1944.
  2. Here's my 2 cents. I am 61 yrs old been reenacting CW for 20 yrs and WW2 for 5 yrs. No I don't hump through the mud, leap tall buildings, fight hand to hand combat any more. But what I do is Honor those men that fought for our freedom. I do living history because its my my way of showing those that gave so much that I care. As long as I feel like honoring those men , I don't care if I am 161 yrs old, I will do it. So youngsters get over it and hope you live as long and have as much fun as I do.
  3. Looks good fellows. Just a side note I had a 2nd cousin Sgt A J House, Co K 12 Inf Reg/ 4th Inf Div made D Day, was KIA 8 June 1944
  4. Can't wait to see what you have found
  5. Read that in the news today. Rest in Peace , Sir
  6. Let me say this as a CW reenactor for almost 20 yrs, have seen the styles change 180 degrees. When I first started out short hair , mustaches , short beards were the norm. You almost never seen a guy with ponytails or long un kept beards. I started an infantry company about 10 yrs ago, broke out the Confederate Reg's, and read them to each prospective member told each if you can't or want meet these regulations then this unit is not for you. Since , having served in the Military , I run a tight unit. At the current time we have normally for a event 12-15 rifles.All still meet the regulations.
  7. I have my dad's ww2 navy uniform , laid out flat in a cedar chest with moth balls. It has been stored for over 60 yrs this way
  8. God Bless your son for his service
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