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  1. Hi Mark!  You posted pages from my father's logbook.  I'd like to get it or a complete copy of it back soon.  I'm working on a book now that I'm retired from the airlines.  My late father was M Sgt Raymond F Kennedy and he flew SBDs with VMSB 243 in WWII and Corsairs with VMF 214 in Korea.  My email is :  michaelgkennedy@yahoo.com


  2. I think he was a pilot. I didn't get the logbook, just watching.
  3. A photo from his log book shows when he made PP1P and PPC. I think the way this worked was on PBYs and PBMs and others they had 3 pilots, the PPC was patrol plane commander was the pilot,PP1P patrol plane 1st pilot was copilot and the PP2P would have acted as the navigator.
  4. Thanks a million for that info about the trophy, now I what it was for. but I think the pilot is Charles O Dodson , I got 4 log books and a citation named to Dodson and the photo didn't have anything written on it , but he received Air medal and Navy Cross and it looks like the right ribbons in the photo. Thanks again for your time and research. Mark
  5. Thanks Lance I have googled and the only thing I can find is the Collier Trophy and that isn't this. Mark
  6. I have a photo in a small grouping from a WWII pilot in the photo he is holding a trophy, looking for an ID on the trophy and faces in the photo. The front of the trophy reads" Lawrence D Bell Trophy" Thanks for any help, Mark
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