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  1. I like black & white pic of ww1 & ww2 its nice....
  2. Hi members of USMF Im T-rat63 & i am new here but i have found this site for military hallmarks, This site well come in handy for every one! :thumbsup: www.wartimecollectables.com
  3. Hi every one I need some help on this pin that is still on this gas mask that says Domestic use only has the US with a symbol and a U army service gas mask under that. The pin has no maker mark but it is stamped sterling. well i can not get the picture to resize to a smaller size it looks like a dragon or a lion that is black & red enamel ....Thanks
  4. Try this site on for size www.wikipedia.org I find a whole lot on this site & let me know if this works for you... :think:
  5. Hi Well first I go to this site: www.wikipedia.org and punch in a word to help me find out what I want to know about any military out fit i want to know about and 9 out of 10 this has it even medals, maps,guns,patches, just about anything. try it and let me know how it works for you...
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