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  1. Thanks for the reply and info Jungle Rot, I did however, after countless inquiries and research, FINALLY find the manufacturer of the repro vietnam era bdu's. Ladiga Sportswear, Inc. in Alabama does made-to-order of their "2-pocket" version of the OG107 slant pocket fatigues. They run about $25 per item for 100% cotton ripstop and about $27 per item for 65/35 poly/cotton battle rip They can also make them in Navy Blue, Black, Tan, and Woodland in various material. Some distinct features of Ladiga's version include; -2 slant pockets with pen slot in left breast pocket (no
  2. QUESTION: Does anyone know which manufacturer is currently making reproductions of the OG107? I know Rothco makes a repro. but theirs only has the single stitchings around the arms, across the shoulders, and down the back of the sleeves, as well as a back yoke. BUT, the reproductions I've seen and am looking for are produced with only TWO front slanted chest pockets (covered buttons) without the two lower pockets, AND there is DOUBLE STITCHING around the arms, across the shoulder, down both backs of the sleeves, and WITHOUT a back yoke or waist adjust tabs. Another detail is the cuf
  3. I have a set of the USMC T Pattern Camo BDU's if anyone has been looking to buy? The jacket is Med Long with authentic US MARINES nametape as well as labels from STEPS INC. The pants are XL Long with authenic gas flap behind button fly, as well as labels from Goodwill Industries of Florida. Both jacket and pants are authentic; grey buttons, gas flap on pants button fly, authentic color stitching, Nylon/Cotton material, US MARINES nametape in urban color. I am looking to sell ONLY as a set; $800.00 Thanks DCH sig22nine@yahoo.com California.
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