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  1. Just as a point of interest, Army Service personnel were also used on merchan shipping responsibilities. In the case of my uncle, he was on supply transport ships and brought POWs back from N. Africa, etc. The se guys did sometimes get to foreign ports, etc.and theater made insignia do exist from men in this command.
  2. Unfortunately, I can't make out anything in the photo. Can you see the patch well enough to describe any details? Size? Shape? etc. Thanks. It appears he was a 1st Sgt. Many NCOs attended leadership schools immediately after the war, and while still overseas. A few school patches were worn on the lower sleeve. That's just one of several possibilities.
  3. A photo of the reverse would be extremely helpful.
  4. I am just wondering where to list a Type 89 WWII Japanese mortar round for sale? There are US item ONLY restrictions in the for sale section I tried. I can't find an appropriate section. Thank you for the help.
  5. That's a nice patch. Value is so difficult with Vietnam related insignia because collectors are so inundated by offerings of reproductions - even good reproductions - they are often fearful to spend much. But the advanced collectors will usually pay premium prices for good pieces. My guess would be in the 50-125 range. Photos of the vet wearing the patch or copies of documents showing service with that unit would really bolster the value. Provenance with this stuff means everything. I'm sure others will chime in on my value guesstimate.
  6. Bob, The VFW information is helpful. Many VFW Posts are divided by squads. Rifle Squad, Color Squad, etc. For parades and event activities. I am thinking, based upon the familiar cap size/shape of the tab, the VFW uniform tip from Allan, etc. this may be a VFW cap tab showing membership with a post squad and showing the members' former branch of service. Now, if someone can produce one saying 2nd SQ. USA, or USAAF or something!
  7. If you take one that definitely reacts, and always use that for a side by side comparison it helps. The black light is still a light. It will illuminate white thread to some degree regardless of the material. I have found myself thinking that I detect some reaction when examining a single patch or small groups of patches. But, then I grab my new 'test' patch and toss it in the bunch - like Ski's example, and there is no doubt what's actually reacting and what isn't. If you are studying numerous patches from different sources and you are seeing the same thing, uniformly, you may be misinterpret
  8. Bob, Probably a wild goose chase, but in WWI the USMC aviation started with numbered squadrons. I know they had a 1st, but don't know about a 2nd. Later they lettered their squadrons. In the 20s, they restructured a little and I am pretty sure they had a 2nd Squadron. The SSI, as you well know, is WWI - 20s. A beautiful patch. Just thought I'd throw that out because it could mean 'squadron' and aviation could be another angle to look at. I admit it does sort of resemble the patches you find on early veterans' group hats, but it's nothing I've seen before and is very cool whatever it is.
  9. I specifically remember seeing this on the kids' flight style novelty jackets that Patchcollector refers to. Purely a novelty item.
  10. Due to the training and transport responsibilities of both commands, as a wild-butt-guess, it makes me think of an "assemble on me" sort of brassard that might be worn at a port of embarkation or rail hub or something? Just an initial hypothesis to get some discussion going!
  11. I also concur with Tex. I blew this up to allow pretty close scrutiny. The edges of the applied pieces and other details give me an impression of very recently pieced together. This would be a WWII era, 2nd style design. So, if unused, it may not exhibit much age deterioration. But, it does look 'hot off the press' to me.
  12. Pretty classic German made example. Not particularly scarce, but great, original variation for your collection. Nice patch.
  13. That's fantastic. Some really neat variations. I too expected to see WWII patches. These intact blankets are getting incredibly hard to find!!
  14. Maybe we should slow down a bit here. This post war 101st was produced - period produced in several variations. I actually like some of the characteristics of this one. The "good" example provided is just one of man period types. I would absolutely not dismiss this too quickly.
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