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  1. Forum members who live in the PNW are probably familiar with the annual Armed Forces Day event at JBLM and with the variety of displays that are shown at that event. This year's event featured decent weather, a large turnout of active duty personnel and their families, but it also included a large number of prior service veterans and their families. One forum member and I put our collection together yet again to honor the service and sacrifice of America's Vietnam Veterans. In concert with a third member of our group, we called ourselves "The Line Doggies" and put up once again our display of
  2. This was a great pair of shows. They were well-produced, well-paced, and obviously focused on having fun. Like any made-for-TV endeavor, there were times that a little Hollywood storytelling made itself obvious, but it was fun nonetheless. Good job, guys. I've set my DVR to record the season. I look forward to being a loyal viewer of what promises to be a great series! John
  3. Awesome pack display here. I've been in the process of putting together a similar display for my own collection. For the gentleman looking to pick up a repro bread tin, I recommend obtaining one from Schipperfabrik at Schipperfabrik Bread Tin REPRO I ordered two of them and they turned out quite well. The only confusion that I've run into is the number of tins that would have constitued a basic issue. I've seen in other sources that four tins were included on average. Does anyone have a period, printed regulation that stipulates the minimum or "average" issue of bread tins for placement in the
  4. About the best that I can do at this time is post the following photo as I haven't taken any detail photos as of yet. Here goes:
  5. You've got a classy display; it's well-arranged, easy to view, and focused. Nice work! I had the chance to show a good portion of my display about one week ago; you'll see that we own several of the same type of items!
  6. I stumbled across this ad the other day via the "Art of Manliness" website; check what is being done with vintage canvas and repurposed leather: Laptop bag John McP
  7. It looks like someone's attempt at a private-purchase officer's sack coat and the authentic buttons give it a nice polish, but the use of a coat button on the cuff is very odd. Plus, I'd expect to see a velvet collar & cuffs, some crossgrain trim on the cuffs and edges as well as a polished cotton lining in green, brown, or black. What's the chest size? Anything over a 40 is either extremely rare or modern for an original piece. John
  8. We just got together again about two weekends ago to hit local antique haunts and to enjoy a nice brunch courtesy of my wife. We plan to do only the WWII Airborne display this May at Ft. Lewis to cut down on what we have to haul. We'll save our other impressions for other events throughout the year. I'm in the front of the photo wearing the wool shirt and trousers and with the darkened jump boots. The hat, shirt, belt, & trousers are original pieces; the patches are repro and so are the boots. It's good to get together and to share notes; I thought that the period garb offered a fun twist
  9. Carol Reardon's Pickett's Charge: In History and Memory and Michael B. Oren's Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East 1776 to the Present. Both are excellent books and offer fresh insights into events many think have already been covered exhaustively.
  10. Those were some scary impressions, indeed. It seemed that they had spread themselves far too thin in terms of eras depicted and wound up shortchanging their impressions all around. I suspect that their motivation isn't that of authentic kit and whatnot, but something else . . . With so much information out there (this forum, others, and a multiplicity of vendors), researching and procuring the right gear/uniforms for an impression isn't that tough, especially for the periods these guys depict. John McP
  11. I remember years ago low-crawling through what must have been somebody's old campfire pit under a cluster of scotchbroom & scrub trees at Oregon's Fort Stevens. I wound up with charcoal & ash stains all over the front of my jumpsuit, on its elbows, knees, and so on. After getting soaking wet with rain, sweat, & more running around, I hung up the uniform in my garage, brushed it off for the next event, and found that it had the perfect "look." I'd also recommend sleeping in your uniform, preferably in a fox-hole for up to two or more nights to get the dirt in all the right places as
  12. It's funny how the photos don't reflect how wet the day was with the misty rain and all. I was bummed that the low cloud ceiling obscured the fly-over by the Air Force. We heard the plane, caught a couple of glimpses, but previous years have been better. John
  13. Actually, I'm not carrying my M-16 in any sort of "carry" position in both of my gear photos as I was resting the magazine end of my weapon on one of my ammo pouches for convenience during the photo. I also figured that carrying my rifle in a horizontal position would mess with the "lines" of the shot; we were thinking aesthetics for the photo as opposed to depicting a grunt on patrol. I can assure you that we held our weapons correctly during the parade as we've studied up on the subject, including reading Rock's earlier posts on the subject in the past! ;-) Lee & Fred have seen us in
  14. I thought that I'd share a couple of photos of me in my gear at yesterday's Auburn Veterans Day Parade in downtown Auburn, WA State. I'm sure that a few other forum members were either there as marchers or as onlookers. I marched a with a group that calls itself "The Line Doggies." Everthing that I'm wearing is original to the Vietnam era with the exception of the M18 smoke grenade.
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