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  1. ASMIC - Wow, this is very impressive - great job. Interesting to think if you did 1st Infantry Division you could probably fine 1,000 variants! :) I would love to see more pics of the 34th/88th Class A! Is it named by chance? That looks like a superb piece and 2 great combat divisions! Does it look as if the two patches and tabs were made at the same time/by the same person? Very best, Bill K.
  2. Johnan - I believe you are correct that is an SE-11 equipment bag - the interesting question is since I don't believe they are Pathfinders what would it be used for? Best, Bill K.
  3. Ben - Thanks for the info.! The scroll is just out of this world - The first I have ever seen. Best, Bill K.
  4. Very nice find! Does the overseas cap have the DI on it? Best, Bill K.
  5. Very nice little group - saw that on ebay - I dug around a bit thinking I might take a stab at it - Looks like he spent all or most of his combat time withe the 84th CMB - my guess is transferred to 100th CMB very near the end of the war or after the war to go home? Thank goodness he changed patches as the 100th bullion is much sexier than the 84th patch! Thanks for posting! Best, Bill K.
  6. Looks like frogskin to me - my guess is it IS parachute material - looks like he has some around his neck as well. Great pic! Best, Bill
  7. Bill - I second that. Best, Bill K.
  8. Well the letter from Herren is a nice document to have and I really have no reason to not believe him. I would be happier if the name tag were not removed on the 1st pattern jacket. I would also be more comfortable if there was a photo of him wearing the jacket either at Ia Drang or just before it. I have seen one photo of him labeled as "on the way to Vietnam" and "training in Panama" where Herren is wearing his OD sateens. I have seen a few photos of 1st pattern jackets worn at Ia Drang and one with subdued insignia - Lt. Nadal conferring with Hal Moore - but hard to say for sure if the
  9. Incredible grouping! Don't know how I missed this - thanks for bringing it up again or I might never have seen it. *PASSES OUT* Best, Bill K.
  10. That is a beautiful little group - thanks for posting. Curious, did you blur the name on the dog tags or is it damaged in some way? Very best, Bill K.
  11. Spin - As a guy who has some rare 442nd items that is REALLY nice. Never seen before, only 442nd enamel pins on overseas cap. Incredible. Thanks for posting! Best, Bill K.
  12. Yeah, I'd say real - hard to replicate the oxidation on the snaps. Always one of the first things I look at. Best, Bill K.
  13. Guys - Thank you so much for posting all the photos! For those of us who can't be there they are a real treat. Good hunting! Best, Bill K.
  14. Believe the 35th replacement draft went to the 6th marine division for Okinawa invasion. Records show him with HQ Co. 29th marines, 6th marine div. by Jan. 1946. So, could be 6th marine div. marking or could be a beach party marking. Best, Bill K.
  15. Shame to see it gone - I attended The Gap from 1982-2002ish. Incredibly good times reenacting, living in original WWII barracks, veteran experiences, and of course the vendor area! Our group also attended the Ft. Dix events for several years as well. Very best, Bill K.
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