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  1. I picked this helmet up a dozen years ago from a local dealer. I think I gave $20 for it back then. This appears to be one of the modified helmets put together by Airborne command to find a replacement for the M2 with its fragile D-bales. You can clearly see on my helmet where the original bales were. The added swivel loops came from mess kits. Between this helmet and the other two examples Ive seen that still have chinstraps, all three have the same setup. OD standard type straps that are attached with thick light colored thread stitched in a Z pattern. Despite straining my eyes to no end I c
  2. I have the flight helmet and bag from this guy. CPT Herbert L. Halstead served with the 254 Med Det during 1966-67. He died after Vietnam on July 21, 2000. Apart from his flying duties he served as the "awards and decorations" officer for the unit. His signature can be seen on many 254th documents and citations available through Fold3. I had them all printed and bound to keep with the helmet. It was an extraordinary unit filled with some real heroes. I'm still bummed I didn't win any of the auctions for his uniforms or loose patches. They all went for big money and I got the helmet for what
  3. Great canteen sets gents. I especially like the early war stuff! I have a time capsule set as well, but later issue from 1944. Each piece is marked with the owners laundry number and it appears the owner must have been a desk jockey because it all is in mint condition. It's so cool to fin pieces (canteen sets or otherwise) that you know have been together forever.
  4. Yep I was watching that one, then forgot to bid on it. Oops, wish I could say it's the first time I've that too.
  5. I saw this posted on one of the Facebook groups I belong to. It is a twin cell mag pouch to hold 30rd carbine mags. I have always felt pouches like this one are fantasy pieces that have been made for years. The owner is positive it is real. Anyone have info on these?
  6. Lots of police helmets and liners were painted that color.
  7. Well the vest was an eBay buy and it showed up today. The seller must not have looked it over very closely because the original manual and lacing were in one of the pockets. The vest is definitely NOS. So, now I have the lacing. New problem, what is the correct way to lace it up?? Can anyone post a picture of a properly laced vest so I can copy it?
  8. I just picked up a very nice X-Large 3/4 collar flak jacket dated 1969. The problem is that the side lacing is missing. Can anyone shed light on what was used for the lacing? Was it para-cord? Thanks
  9. Where do HBT with OD painted metal 13 star buttons enter the equation?
  10. Take a look at the pictures below. I'm trying to figure out just what the heck these pouches are. They both have a USMC style belt hook. I don't see any markings. They have an internal divider. Any ideas?
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