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  1. I went through the Wyoming Veterans Museum yesterday, a small museum in Casper Wyoming (actually at the Natrona County International Airport) and took the following photographs of the displays. I thought those here may find them of interest. Wyoming Veterans Museum.
  2. I wonder how often lanyards were really used. We've been discussing this on the SMH thread: http://www.militaryhorse.org/forum/viewtop...f=3&t=11390 Frankly, we aren't finding that they were really used all that much in the WWI time frame, or later.
  3. A collection of photos I took at the Wyoming MG Shoot. http://holschershub.blogspot.com/2011/06/2...-gun-shoot.html
  4. And to add a bit: From: http://www.militaryhorse.org/forum/viewtop...f=3&t=11390
  5. In 1902 when this pattern was adopted, was the shirt worn under it also changed? I have it in mind that the shirt remained a blue wool shirt up until this time.
  6. By off chance, do you know if that article is available as a reprint?
  7. Oops, was looking at the wrong photos there. I see your original photo does not have fenders.
  8. I note you're featuring feders as well. That's also an artillery feature for the 04. By off chance, was this one an artillery model? They're quite close, and it's pretty common to make the minor switches in items for a cavalry display.
  9. Do you intend to replace the steel artillery stirrups with hooded cavalry ones?
  10. "Old Wrist Breaker" actually refers to a much earlier pattern of saber.
  11. M1904s never managed to completely replace the M1928. M1928s themselves were often conversions made directly within the units by the saddlers using patterns supplied by the Quartermaster Corps. Patton sabers were obsolete by 41, but some Guard units still had them in the inventory at the time of their mobilization in 40. I don't think the sabers lasted much past the call up, however.
  12. You might want to check out the McClellan section at our site, www.militaryhorse.org . It's fairly extensive. If that doesn't answer your questions, the forum there likely does, or you could post a query on the topic.
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