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  1. "gogogo1944" Hong Kong made repro from 2009/2010
  2. "Made in U.S.A" stands for commerical/surplus items
  3. agree, right one is ARVN BDQ ERDL, sateen fabric
  4. No "Kamo Brand" tigers was ever used in Vietnam war. Their tigers are post war and commercial/hunting items.
  5. It's late 1980s (Tiger Stripe Products) or early 1990s (Tru Spec) made.
  6. the tiger is a copy (China made) of a copy (Thai made)
  7. real shirt, if you use Johnsons term, this shirt called LLD not LLS. not all standard cuts are mentioned in the book, there are no updates since 1999!
  8. looks like Tadpole Sparse pattern first run heavy-weight fabric with black stripes, not the blue stripes variant by Sessler/Nakatashoten Japan
  9. "Gold" is a synonym for a single and one kind of tiger pattern. don't be fooled by color, since some other tiger patterns also have gold/yellowish shades. anyway, nice set?
  10. Late War Lightweight Dense (LLD) LLS is "same but different"
  11. Thai Large Pattern, the last VNMC tiger pattern
  12. P your are welcome. I'm not an advocate for the Johnson book, but it give you an overview of all the common tiger patterns. The book helps me a lot. Up to you how serious you want to collect tigers? May you safed pictures of the other tiger cap?
  13. Hi Paul, this first VNMC pattern was produced from 1959 until 1968. 1959-1966 was printed on middle-weight "poplin" fabric (same fabric like the ARVN pink windproof) 1966-1968 was printed on light- or middle-weight cotton twill fabric The second VNMC (seawave) pattern was produced from 1968 until 1973. The third VNMC (Thai Large) pattern was produced from 1973 until 1975. The cut change minimal. Hope this helps
  14. Hi Paul, nice cap! It's a Vietnamese Marine Pattern (1966-1968). Cotton twill light-weight or middle-weight fabric. Here you are:
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