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  1. I can't wait to read it, too. Very well done!
  2. That date means that the buckles are made in '94. The rigs aren't necessarely made in '94. Anyway those are quite old as they are made with the old leg straps without buckles. I dont't know when Eagle started making stuff with the new leg straps, but I think around 1999-2000. How much are they worth? On ebay they goes for 30 or 20 bucks each, usually, or less.
  3. The radio pouch suggest me the same conclusion, CCT or Pj, anyway it's impossibile to know for sure. The only I think I can say for sure is that the vest has spent a lot of time in the sea water looking at the status of the metal parts. Yes I'm still looking for American Body Armor LBV's, it will be great if you can find one for me too!
  4. I have one of those vests, it comes with a hydration carrier and a desert patrol pack: Other reference pictures: You should check on ebay to find one. Vest and pack are not easy to find, but not impossible. The mag pouches seems to be the most difficult to find. I hope this helps.
  5. The vest is a Blackhawk Floatation Harness. Pouch are from many brands: Blackhawk, TAG, London Bridge Trading. One of those pouches appears to be modified with a small pouch (it can fit a strobe marker or dressing bandages kit) as you can see on the pic. The holster is a Safariland 3004 for SIG p226. The fanny pack is Balckhawk also.
  6. Here is a grouping I found in San Diego some times ago, I thought it can be interesting for some of you that collect modern items. I think it belonged to a Navy SEALs stationed in Coronado judgeing from the kind of equipment.
  7. Yes, it's one of those early cotton poplin version. Unfortunately is quite faded, some little holes and has a little damage on the neck. For 25$ bucks I think it'a good deal anyway.
  8. Thanks, anyway I know how to read the label. My suspect started becaus eI think that if I have to do a replica the first thing I copy is the label. I have another brown dominant ERDL shirt (USMC marked) but it's quite faded. But thread color is different and the camo too. Anyway, can be different lots of matherials and thread and different mfg.
  9. This is a good newsI'm not that great Vietnam items collector and not very expert. So may I ask why are you so sure?
  10. I have one very similar, it has velcro also for badges: Any idea for what kid of patches and badges can go on that velcro? I guess one
  11. Third and last is a RDF pattern shirt. The camo appears different from other RDF shirts I have. Same thing inside the shirt. It is different. It has a 75th Rangers, 2nd Bn Patch with Ranger Tab, 101st Airborne Combat patch and a Jungle Expert pocket patch. It has ranks but not name and US Army tapes.
  12. Second shirt is a brand new ERDL, brown dominant. The color appears to me very strange, is there any chance it can be a replica?
  13. Hi, here are some shirts I found, Vietnam Era and RDF. I'm not that great Vietnam Collector and there are some question coming with some of theese shirts. Here is the first, ERDL camo, poplin. Unfortunately it's used and a little bit damaged, it has only one label readable and a very funny modify:
  14. That vest is up from more than one year I think. I don't think he will sell it for that price even if it's very hard to find. My car is less valuable. A complete ABA vest usually goes for 450-500$ on ebay. If you need it only for collecting is quite expensive I think. Anyway, some of those vests were made for Italian Navy Special forces in OD color and I was told that the original price for the kit (vest, 9mm panels, 223 panels, backpack, belt, radio pouch, leg holster and breacher/utility leg pouch) was about 500$ in the 90'. I have two OD and one woodland both in used condition, I payed
  15. Very interesing. Anyway, RTS, neither the dressing nor the Earplugs box fits in that pouch. It's very flat. It can contain something very thin, like a credit card.
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