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  1. Yes Dwight I would like to know the name and location of the cemetery where Bailey is buried. Also I would like to know if you could be persuaded to sell Baileys purple heart. The last and possibly greatest act of the mans life was performed under the colors of the 31st infantry regiment. I would like to buy the award and present it to 31st Inf. Reg. Assn. If you would like to communicate with me privately my e-mail add. is jballinger@windstream.net Jim
  2. Hi Dwight, My name is Jim Ballinger, I am an A/6/31 Viet Nam vet. I was involved in the firefight that you mention, I hold no grudge against Hackworth. We were on eagle flights that day, and almost always when on eagle flights, we went in cold, not knowing what we were gonna find, once we landed. However I do hold a grudge against the CO of A company. He knew that Hacks Btn. was in contact a short distance from A companys LZ. He (the CO) had alpha company go into the woodline in single file, with the normal 10 to 15 meter spacing between each man. After the first 20 to 25 men were in the trees the enemy soldiers opened up on us with all they had. Going in 10 abreast would have far better, considering the circumstances. In an earlier post you mentioned that you were in posession of Baileys purple heart, if you don't mind , I would like to know how you happen to have that award. I ask because Bailey was a friend of mine, and I saw him die that day. Thanks Jim
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