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  1. I just found out that Keith W. Nolan passed away on February 19,2009 from cancer. He was only 44 years old but one of the best(if not the best) historians of the Vietnam War. His mentor was 1LT Bayer who was Artillery FO in Delta Company,6/31ST in 1970.He wrote over 10 books of the Vietnam War,two involved the 9TH DIV.The first was"INTO CAMBODIA" which listed the valor displayed by the 6/31ST and the 2ND BN 47TH IN. The 2nd book was "HOUSE TO HOUSE" which listed the valor of the 6/31ST along with the heroism of the other Batalions of the 9TH DIV. Pro Patria!
  2. Thanks for posting the link RR. On The cover of the chap 7 correction are pictures of then Lt Robert Hill (standing) and Warren Lizzote steping from the water. the The photos used were mostly from Echo co throughout the article. our 6/31st Echo co became Echo 75th rangers
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