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  1. Ha ha, this isn't an 8 or an infinity symbol, it is an "S". It is sometimes known as the "Stussy S", "Super S", "Chinese S", or "Skater S". It seems to be a multi-generational symbol that is drawn using 14 straight lines. Nobody is really sure where it came from or how so many people knew how to draw it, but it was quite big during the late 80's and early 90's and still persists today. The symbol has occasionally been used as a logo, but it's origins go back quite far. It is quite an interesting example of collective consciousness As was said before, the sun symbol is the logo for the ban
  2. Residence: Illinois, USA Time Collecting: 15 years, but much more seriously in the past 3-4 Main Focus(es): Modern gear, specifically stuff from OIF/OEF. But I love history, so I have bits and pieces from a ton of different time periods Interesting international camouflage
  3. These items date from the 90's-now the peaked cap and the shirt are both USN
  4. I think "Raid style" is the most common term I have seen for these..problem is, lots of the companies that make these use a standard DCU blouse at the beginning and heavily modify it
  5. What it looks like to me, is a professionally made modified DCU. There are a couple of companies that offer this service
  6. The Chocolate Chip covers are to govern the Woodland Camo PASGT vests
  7. Very interesting little item you have there, not something you see every day, thats for sure. cant wait to see more
  8. nice set, looks like it was just taken off and put away yesterday
  9. Operation Southern Watch DBDU with theater made patches Dept of the Army civilian DCU Eagle Group International Inc Tan shirt 2 4th ID DCU's with theater made patches named to a "Smith", one has a SPC rank and the other SGT. A 1st Cav DCU with a reversed FWTS patch
  10. Here is my USAF DBDU with theater made insignia for the 4404 Composite Wing (P), while not exactly Desert Storm, it is for Operation Southern Watch. The 4404th Wing (Provisional) was the air component responsible for enforcing the no-fly zone over southern Iraq. The wing was headquartered at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, and is comprised of combat aircraft, including F-15s, F-16s and C-130s. The wing was also responsible for operations at other sites in the Arabian Gulf region, including Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. More than 5,000 airmen make up the wing, which reports to Joi
  11. What a GREAT piece man, really top notch..I just love seeing things like this. I wonder what the story behind it is
  12. I have a set of AOR1, I feel that the prices on these WILL go down a bit, but will consistently stay high because AOR2 is specifically issued to NAVSOC and not to the regular Navy like AOR2 will be.
  13. WOWZA, these are just great...I like the 101 eagles with the GIANT space between "AIR" and "BORNE"
  14. Yep, thats the one I was thinking about. Thanks for that!
  15. I believe the USN might have issued OD green PASGT vests, I will see if I can scrounge up a photo
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