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  1. just think of the 2 privates standing there and the sergeant says "Now clean these up field strip, clean and have them ready to ship out tomorrow.
  2. Anyone need 1 or both of these? im moving them out. I said 1 of maybe 5 but the person who looked at them initially said 1 of 1 each most likely. The cases are metal with the details being resin. 1000.00 each
  3. I'm selling off these 2, things force me out of collecting anymore. I am putting them up for sale, here first, Ebay then an auction if no go. Bad time to sell but it is necessary. $1000 each for these shipping extra let me know i know its hefty but again1-5 exist.
  4. one of my favorite stories is Jimmy Stewart who served his country for 27 years but made sure there was little publicity about it. Great American. He also conned his way into bombing mission to Germany and later did Arc light flights into N. Vietnam. Was not a "In the rear with the gear guy" In 1940, Jimmy Stewart was drafted into the United States Army, but ended up being rejected due to being five pounds under the required weight, given his height (at the time he weighed 143 pounds). Not to be dissuaded, Stewart then sought out the help of Don Loomis, who was known to be able to help people add or subtract pounds. Once he had gained a little weight, he enlisted with the Army Air Corps in March of 1941 and was eventually accepted, once he convinced the enlisting officer to re-run the tests. Initially, Stewart was given the rank of private; by the time he had completed training, he had advanced to the rank of second lieutenant (January of 1942). Much to his chagrin, due to his celebrity status and extensive flight expertise (having tallied over 400 flight hours before even joining the military), Stewart was initially assigned to various “behind the lines” type duties such as training pilots and making promotional videos in the states. Eventually, when he realized they were not going to ever put him in the front line, he appealed to his commanding officer and managed to get himself assigned to a unit overseas. In August of 1943, he found himself with the 703rd Bombardment Squadron, initially as a first officer, and shortly thereafter as a Captain. During combat operations over Germany, Stewart found himself promoted to the rank of Major. During this time, Stewart participated in several uncounted missions (on his orders) into Nazi occupied Europe, flying his B-24 in the lead position of his group in order to inspire his troops. For his bravery during these missions, he twice received the Distinguished Flying Cross; three times received the Air Medal; and once received the Croix de Guerre from France. This latter medal was an award given by France and Belgium to individuals allied with themselves who distinguished themselves with acts of heroism. By July of 1944, Stewart was promoted chief of staff of the 2nd Combat Bombardment wing of the Eighth Air Force. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to the rank of colonel, becoming one of only a handful of American soldiers to ever rise from private to colonel within a four year span. After the war, Stewart was an active part of the United States Air Force Reserve, serving as the Reserve commander of Dobbins Air Reserve Base. On July 24, 1959, he attained the rank of brigadier general (one star general). During the Vietnam War, he flew (not the pilot) in a B-52 on a bombing mission and otherwise continued to fulfill his duty with the Air Force Reserve. He finally retired from the Air Force on May 31, 1968 after 27 years of service and was subsequently promoted to Major General (two star general).
  5. short, stubby, aerial looks like a Buffalo Brewster?
  6. look like patches from same group that were Italian made. nice lookers
  7. I was cruising the interwebs and found an auction in Fowler Indiana (too far away for me) that has all military models missiles, ships and what i think are the rarest monogram wood models of the B17 and B24 holy grail items. There is bidding through auctionzip. I don't do models but would make a stab at those monograms if I was able. I am not connected to the auction house, just passing along what i found to you guys that like that stuff. http://toystrainsandotheroldstuff.com/2018/05/05/vintage-slot-cars-redline-hot-wheels-2/ scroll down on the pics ...rare stuff.
  8. ok thats better. It's so fortunate to have a database of people who know their stuff many thanks!
  9. I wanted to put this on Ebay but want to make sure first it is a good one, came from an estate sale but you can never trust it looks good to me, anyone else?
  10. many thanks mod sorry for the non military patch and please close the thread. kudos to ocsfollowme!!!
  11. I cannot make out the motto came with an army group
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