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  1. Hello everyone, At first a few words about me. I'm a member of this forum for quite some time but have been away some time. My name is Philipp, 34 years old from Germany and a collector of US uniforms and equipment for 17 years. This year will be something special: My hometown Gelsenkirchen was liberated on April 9th and 10th 75 years ago. Since there are sadly no official ceremonies I took the liberty to set something in motion with my local church community. Especially should the soldiers of the 134th Infantry Regiment and the 216th Artillery Regiment of the 35th Infantry Div
  2. Thanks to all of your for your help confirming this is not an original medic helmet. Since there is no harm in it, I will refurbish it to some degree and put it on my medic until I find a legit one. A copy of this thread will be stored between liner and shell since all my repros are marked in case I forget they were repro or I'll not be able to be around when my collection is sold. One last question regarding the heat stamp: When was the 91A shell produced?
  3. Thanks or your opinions. Rather old reenactors piece has been my initial thought too. Heatstamp is 91A not 914. The paint on the panels is hard to get into pictures. The white looks not that fresh and what look like light scratches really are strokes from painting. Only the right side panel is heavily scratched. Unfortunately I'm not much into taking pictures. I can try making pictures without flash later.
  4. Hello I have this FS/FB helmet. It was bought about two or three years ago by my wife from a non-collector without any background history. There is no question it's a legit shell but I have some doubts about the paint. The heatstamp is 91A. That will put it rather early? As it's sometimes hard to find the right English words, I'll write up a few pro and cons and then let pictures speak. Contra: - it was very, very cheap (about 50 USD including liner mentioned below) - the fixed bales were repaired und don't look too good - green paint looks a bit dark and glossy (I think it was
  5. I really hope it proofs I'm wrong but compared to my USMC cover there are a lot of similarities. First the type of US stamp on the front. Mine is not that fresh as yours but it has the same shade from the stamp around it. Second the wire hanger looks a lot like each other. Typically USMC wire hanger were somewhat L-shaped at the end with an sharp angle while the army ones are more smooth/round shape at the last bend before the end. And third the color is very similar. As far as I know those USMC covers hit the surplus market in the 50s or 60s and where promptly marked US
  6. I'm sorry to say but I have my doubts about the cover. It looks a lot like those late 40s and early 50s USMC shovel cover. No makers stamp on the back and the US on front looks a lot like those on USMC covers, where some surplus dealer had a stamping applied to. Same with the wire hanger: it seems to be longer than the standard Army hanger and if you bent it a little into its original form, I'm sure it will look like the late type USMC hanger.
  7. Don't intend to hijack, but is this a M1 Thompson with mafia style pistol grip under the barrel? Never seen this done with an M1. I have always thought those grips weren't used by Army troops. Have only heard about those in use with Marines.
  8. For my part the question of mint or used and abused is answered by what I can get and what I can afford... not what I want. I have a wide variety from like new items up to torn stuff. When putting up a display mannequin I always try to mix them in like they could have been worn. For example badly used M1942 First Aid Pouch with a newer looking Jungle First Aid Pouch. In my opinion thats the way it would have looked like because issuing of complete equipment sets was rather uncommon from what I read in books (except before and after operations). It depends a lot on the condition of the firs
  9. I really have no idea. Can't even imagine why a PP should have a helmet liner. The only real information I'm able to contribute is that I own a PW Shirt (khaki us officer's Shirt) which has shoulder loops modified to look like German shoulder loops including Buttons with company/regiment number (?) and on the right breast was at some day the typical breast eagle with swastika sewn on. Very odd that this was allowed. Somebody with Information on organisation of prison camps maybe can help. Very interesting thing!
  10. No helmet expert but PP is Political Prisoner. And the others side looks like it was a Swastika some time ago.
  11. Great information this and the canteen cover thread should be pinned!!! With your excellent knowledge and references you educated me a lot especially about the M-1967 designation. I spent the better part of my morning (it now is 2:40 pm over here) searching for my 73 dated pouch with the small snap. I have it almost 10 years now but neglected it as being post M-1967... Great to learn what it really is! Now I just need a second bandage to fill it properly. The sad part of reading this thread is that I had about 5 years ago all the M-1967 stuff except for buttpack and first aid pouch
  12. After thinking about this matter for some time, I decided to vote for 1943. (Although I collect from WWI to Vietnam) I like it because it is connection between the early all-khaki and the later dark green gear with a wide variety of shades between.
  13. I too have doubts about the cover. My first thought was that it could be a cover made by HT&C reproductions. I have some of their repros at home (including a first pattern USMC cover like this - only I worked mine into rough used shape) and they made really good repros. With really little work their items look like the real deal except for the metal parts. But they don't smell like originals. BTW did someone have any info what's happened to HT&C? I can't find their website anymore...
  14. Got this uniform a few days ago and have some questions remaining. At first I should say that I'm not much into Air Force collection, but thought I should add at least one item into my collection to honor those men. Long story short: I got this jacket: There was never an Air Force shoulder patch on it. Was this common? With a DFC and Pule Heart I would guess this jacket was from a replacement pool before being reassigned. The Sharpshooter Badge has the following bars: Expert, Rifle, Machine gun. Could it be that he was a tailgunner? And at last perhaps somebody of you is ab
  15. Hello, have those two Life Preservers in my collection for a long time, but don't know much about them. I hope you can answer a few of my questions... Type One: Marked "Property of U.S. Government" and dated 1964. Is this a Navy item? When was it introduced and what is the type description? Type Two: Marked "Property of U.S. Army" and dated 1961. It is marked with "Ships" - on what type of ships would those made under Army contract be worn (all identical vests were marked Navy)? When were those introduced and how were they worn? There is a belt with a rubberized bag attached a
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