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  1. With these new images I agree that your first example has a filed down standard AMICO star. I’ll have to dig out that HH example some time and get a more detailed shot. Maybe it was a lopsided strike AMICO star that was similarly filed. But if so that one was really off center as it convincingly looks to be two piece construction from a distance. But I always wondered who would go through the trouble to make such a thing given how tiny it is. Maybe the answer is they didn’t and AMICO send out some stars with fairly off center raised caps.
  2. I posted an H-H patrol insignia with a “capped” star in the pinned Combat patrol badge thread. You may want to compare. The top of the star on your example is not typical for an AMICO produced star, despite it looking like one from the rear (rivet base). It suggests your star was somehow modified. -J
  3. There was a Work Progress Administration- War Services Section that used a broad arrowhead superimposed over an eagle as part of their iconography.
  4. Great pickup! Thanks for sharing. A uniform of one of his shipmates resides in my collection.
  5. Very difficult to find a submarine war patrol pin awarded during Korea. Nice find.
  6. WOW, nice find! I grew up in CT metal detecting colonial house sites in the neighborhood. The best finds were a pile of early coppers kept by one of the homeowners (a colonial tavern) per agreement. Never found any military.
  7. I like it. I threw in an early bid but backed down; no more wool for awhile! If you're into sub stuff, picking up a Yeoman rating is tough. Typically only one per boat on WWII war patrol.
  8. Is the accolade on the right for the Letter of Commendation ribbon? Who signed it?
  9. Nice pickup Jay. You'll find those officer training accolades can be scarce on the market.
  10. Just saw this Costa. Nice late 20s through 30s badge with pin carefully removed. It's a piece of sub force history, just not one destined for use. I have one just like it that came in a small lot of sub insignia that's even more defiled...
  11. This trooper's ETO card is signed by none other than Capt. Adam Komosa. Capt. Komosa's Silver star citation reads: GENERAL ORDERS:Headquarters, 82d Airborne Division, General Orders No. 131 (November 3, 1945) CITATION:The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress July 9, 1918, takes pleasure in presenting the Silver Star to Captain (Infantry) Adam A. Komosa (ASN: 0-378898), United States Army, for gallantry in action while serving with the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82d Airborne Division, in action on 30 January 1945, near ****, Belgium. Captain Kom
  12. Eric, stunning archive and excellent presentation! One of the finest threads I've ever read on the forum.
  13. I think your jumper with the oddball dolphins is likely Aussie- made. I have an theater CPO coat, but easy to tell from the Perth tailor label. The crow embrodery is also "interesting". How do the buttons on the cuffs compare?
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