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    Always looking for Korean War Special Ops: UNPIK / UNPFK , USAF Air Resupply and Communication Sq.....
  1. It looks french indeed. I would guess that the 34th US Inf.division adopted the tab like the 509th AIB adopted the 9th zouaves crest. This tab looks very much like the various french tabs for the african countries (algerie, tunisie ,maroc, tchad,madagascar, etc...).
  2. That is a patch for the 8081st QM Airborne Air Supply & Packaging Co. if I recall correctly.
  3. The 549th was an Air Delivery unit from circa 1956 until inactivation in 1974. They were based in Japan (assigned the Far East Command).
  4. The 22nd PR Squadron flew F5 aircrafts , the photo reconnaissance variant of the P38 lightning. The photo reconnaissance variant of the P51 Mustang was the F6.
  5. Many thanks to all for your answers. So, definitely going to the bin. Eric
  6. Ski, do you remember on what forum it was posted? I can't find it.
  7. Hi, I have this 3rd Abn Ranger Co scroll, and would like to hear what other members think about it's authenticity. Embroidered on twill, loose cheesecloth backing.
  8. Hi, I've had this patch for several years, never could find a definitive Id. Some sort of ski school, the "A" reminds me of the 3rd army patch, the eagle screams 101st Div.....any ideas???
  9. USAF70, please check your messenger, I sent you a PM.
  10. I believe the yellow patch with the spider web is for the Special Air Mission /21st Troop Carrier Squadron, or the 6167th Operation Squadron, can't remember precisely.
  11. The 3 crescent symbol is an older design of the coat of arms of the city of Bordeaux, that alluded directly to the old port of Bordeaux, the "port de la lune" (Lune translate to moon is english). It's also been used on some French Army metal badges,mostly for colonial units based in Bordeaux. Definitely an indication of the where these US units were based.
  12. Never seen anything like that for a French army unit...(but I'm far from having seen it all).Unlikely french in my opinion.
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