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  1. Nice family display and both West Point grads. I love West Point material and I have a display on several grads including a good friend who was from the class of 1938. Thanks for sharing.
  2. This is most of my flea market finds today. I also found a USS JFK belt buckle (my ship) and a 1950s great lakes pillow sham. I hope you like them. My favorite items are the WWII Navy sham and the Denmark, new york marked Muti-national force and Observers badge.
  3. I try to pick up combat / field gear whenever I can find it cheap. Eventually hope to have a combat rig for each period of our military history from WWI up. I have enough older gear to setup mannequins from WWI to Vietnam for the most part but still trying to set up Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan. I found two DCU pouches and a DCU radio pack today dated 2004 and a piece of ACU gear, pouches were $4 each. Thanks for looking
  4. Nice grouping but its 8th Infantry Division not 8th Army, The 8th Army served in the Pacific theater. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Found this engraved medal last weekend at a local flea market, after some research I found that the woman it belonged to was a Nurse and a retired Lt Col. She served as an Army nurse in WWII in the CBI Theater and transferred to the Air Force in 1947. She served all over the world including japan, Korea and Europe She qualified as a flight nurse and served as an instructor. Wish I know what happened to the rest of her stuff!
  6. Recent find, a USNS Rigel patch and a Military Sealift Command magazine, I love finding navy related material
  7. I thought I would share a display I am working on, still need to add a color background to the case. Includes a signed latter and envelope from the Captain of the USS George Washington commemorating the launch, a envelope from the navigator of the first Gold Crew patrol of the sub and an original patch. Opinions welcome. Somewhere packed away I also have a certificate given to a member of the crew stating he was a member of the crew for the historic event.
  8. Its hard to tell but it could be some sort of Spanish American War veteran / reunion medal or possibly a masonic medal of some kind. Its a nice photo, thanks for sharing.
  9. Just found this group 2 days ago at an antique mall A named sewing kit with 4 corpsman / pharmacist mate rates. i think I did okay at $20 for the group. I hope you like it. Anyone know where I can research the Wave that owned it?
  10. Here is a chart of the overcoat rank from WWI - The 2nd lt was one brown loop and the 1st Lt was 1 black loop. Major had three.
  11. I just added this incredible coat to my displays and archive. i was able to get it through a friend. I have never seen one of these in person, only in pictures and its in wonderful shape. Just wanted to share it with everyone because I am very excited about being the its caretaker. I hope you like it. Robert
  12. I was sent this poster by a friend and I hope to have it framed properly in the near future. Its in pretty good shape for its age. Excited to add it to the collection and display.
  13. a friend and Air Force veteran sent me this group of patches related to the F-111 including patches for units that participated in operation El Dorado Canyon in 1986. Nice addition to the collection. Robert
  14. A few years back a friend of mine salvaged these from an airport hanger that was going to be torn down at a local airport. The company that once owed it had worked on aircraft back to the early 1950s and these items were marked US. He passed them on to me and I was wondering what type of aircraft they would have been used on. Thanks, Robert Part 1
  15. Love seeing this stuff, I love anything navy related especially paper items. Thanks for sharing.
  16. This is Sad news, I corresponded with Mr Stratton some years ago and he was kind enough to autograph some things for me and answer some questions about his service for me. Rest in Peace Sailor.
  17. Thank you, I think you are correct that mine is for the WWII soldier as the spelling is St. Clair on the medal which matches the name on the record. Now if I can find something out about him.
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