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  1. Hello Corsair,


     Would you take $100 for the PAL survival axe?

  2. Hard to get a clear shot of the heat stamp but it reads 911C
  3. Recently found an M1 helmet at the local flea market and trying to get a good id on it. I think it is WW2 made but looking for anyone who can date it. Its a front seam, seems to be cork finish (although its been repainted long ago with a brush), swivel loops, sewn on straps, and a heat press number of 911C. I'm thinking a 1943-? McCord?
  4. Thanks for your ID help. Found pictures on line. It's a WW1Russian 75mm.
  5. Can anyone ID this Fuse. No markings at all. 2-1/2 inch diameter. Brass threaded top with non magnetic base? Thanks, Bill
  6. That's it. Thank You. You nailed it. Bill
  7. Recently picked this up this beer can DI in an Air Force Fighter Pilot group. Four tours in Vietnam flying F-100, A7's, and F-4's. motto reads: TWO ALPHA FIRST AIR COMMANDO. Can't find anything on this in my reference materials. He was in country first tour 1964 as advisor and then did 3 more. Thanks, Bill
  8. Can anyone ID this Navy patch. I got this from the wife of a 29 year Navy Vet who was not a SEAL but worked with them? 2-3/4 inch diameter and appears to be printed on. Thanks, ​Bill
  9. Has anyone ever seen one of these WWI Trench Knives made from a model 1886 Label Needle Bayonet? Wood handle, knuckle guard, and screw nut butt are the same as a US ACC trench knife except the inside of the guard is only marked U.S. 1917. I know that during WWI Remington Arms of Ilion, New York made Epee Bayonets for the Model 1886 Label rifle and thay were never sent to France. 13-1/8 inch long four sided needle bayonet blade. Maybe made up from surplus parts after the war? If you have one or have ever seen on what might the value be?
  10. Recent garage sale find of a medical kit from an army medic that was in the 82nd airborne division, medical company, stationed at Ft Bragg 1953-54. He related that he had jumped with this kit and that other similar kits with different medical contents were carried by other troopers as well as the Doctors. I’ve never seen a kit like this and have been unable to identify it in any books. Kit contains numerous 1952-53 dated medical supplies, dressings, cotton padded tin splits, glass syringes, needles, silk sutures, and even a full glass IV bottle with rubber tubing, and more. Double zipper
  11. I beleive this might be a chemical or chemical mortar patch from WWI. I know I have seen this patch before but I'm not sure what it is. I believe it depicts a Griffin over crossed artillery shells. Wool sewn to cotton that is about 4-1/2 inches square. Help!! Thanks, Bill
  12. Anyone have an ID or information when and where this patch was used? Thanks
  13. Can anyone help ID these AAF patches. Recent estate find of Service Pilot and Instructor Pilot. I'm assuming the AFI patch stands for Air Force Instructor? What is Instructor CIS? Thanks, Bill
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