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    M1 Helmets & carbine.<br /><br />M3 trench knives and US WW2 edged weapons.<br /><br />US ETO shoulder patches ans DUI.

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  1. Hi, This is what can still be found on France battlefields. I have found those relics within 10 hours of metal detecting on a remote and mountainous area of eastern France. The niseï of the 442nd RCT fought there during weeks. Even if that area has been thorougly searched during years by history buffs, some interesting stuff can still be found: - A BAR magazine (about 45 inchs deep on what was left of a foxhole) - Part of a M4 or M10 Sherman track - Cap of a german canteen (dated 1939) -Used parts of MK2 grenade - Element of C ration. - Kilos of spent casings, bullets and shell splinter
  2. I do believe you have a sample of what a great faker artist, based in belgium (midway from the netherlands and northern France) is able to do. He is not doing a lot of them but they are always very similar, even if his "art"/technics are evoluting with time. Best regards JC you will make your own opinion but your helmet is very similar to these:
  3. Hi, can one of you wings pro help me date these wings made by Hilborn & Hamburger. Regards JC
  4. Hi, What are your opinion on these GEMSCO 3" senior pilot wings ? I do believe they are genuine WW2 era made as I have found very similar wings on some specialized internet site, but i also know that they are lot of fakes out there. So what do you think of them ? Regards JC
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