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  1. Greetings I have a complete M1 helmet liner from International molded plastics,Inc that I just bought. It has a nice dark green OD. The (A) washers are made of brass with corrosion inhibitor coating in black introduced after June 1944. The cotton suspension of Sept.1942 was a flat khaki lace that replaced the previous type and later had a khaki cord, which mine has. On one of the suspensions there is an L1 stamped on it, didn't find out what it's for. The sweatband is stamped faintly: W 199 QM 25902 J. & J. From Johnson & Johnson, I have seen the 25905 version but not 259
  2. OK Jweitkamp. here are some more photos
  3. Greetings, Hope this is the right forum for my uniform. I have a strange navy uniform with rank that I cannot identify, because of the anchor above the LT. stripes. I tried from Civil War through to WWI “U.S Navy Ranks”, no success. I only found a star above the sleeve stripes. I did see however that in WWI they did place other symbols besides the star above the stripes to indicate the title of rank, eg. Pay master or LT. of line etc. But no anchor. The uniform is tail coat the trousers have wide golden metal stripes, I'm not quit sure but I think the “uniform” pre dates WWI. I fo
  4. I have an unusual kepi that one could say it dates from ca. 1883 – 1890 with rank of Lt. Col. The makers mark inside the kepi is from Ridabock & Co. and Baker and McKenney ; J.H. McKenney & Co Established 1847 are not included. Ridabock & Co that bought out Baker and McKenney ; J.H. McKenney & Co in ca, 1883 – 1889. I don't know how far Ridabock & Co..Successor to Baker and McKenney ; J.H. McKenney & Co actually goes back. I have seen Ridabock & Co. with dates as 1870. How ever, this kepi seams to have been made from the civil war era and then later maybe modified t
  5. Thank you Steve and Lars. I feel ill and was out for a couple of days. Sorry for my late reply. No Lars I was not aware of “Dr. Howard G. Lanham's book = Straps”. But I most certainly will. I find this topic difficult as there are to many of sizes shapes. time period. regulation and non regulation straps. Lars I do have a pic with all demetions included with the other pics. If I take Lars time table then my straps would date after 1902. If they were Span-Am era (ca. 1898) as Leatherneck thinks, then they would be in white in stead of light blue and maybe with silver Lt. Bars and not gold. Cou
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